Monday, November 30, 2015

Where are the nude paintings of Justin Trudeau, Kathleen Wynne, or Jim Bradley?!

Further to this CBC report, I wonder where all those other "tasteful" paintings are, of any other Canadian politicians?!
How about a nice oily canvas with Tom Mulcair lounging on a chaise, hanging out his family jewels for the snickering masses? Where's the nude painting of Liberal GreenFear-monger Jim Bradley?? Funny, that no one at the St.Catharines Standard or the CBC is asking about that!! Are any paintings of a naked Turdeau available? No nude depictions of Kathleen Wynne?
Every time you looked at any of those other politicians, wouldn't you also "burst out laughing", as the CBC's pompous-sounding interviewee, Ghahramani, said, about his newly-bought piece of Harper-hate, er, art? This supposed "biting political satire" just panders to the harper-haters, who themselves 'come from a politically vulgar, dark, depressing point'.

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