Sunday, November 29, 2015

Jim Bradley's Liberal wind-turbine fraud

Just a month ago, on Oct.29, 2015 there was this report on the quiet removal of the massively underperforming turbine which had been located at the Lisgar GO station. What's that all about, you ask?!

Let's go back to an earlier story, in the Oct.25, 2013 Toronto Star, "GO Transit wind turbine producing 91% less power than expected", which had a great photo of Liberal GreenFear-monger Jim Bradley, as Transportation Minister, posing proudly at the 2009 unveiling of this disaster, another of his Liberal GreenFraud experiments.

Funny, isn't it, how no "reporter" at the St.Catharines Standard could be bothered to interview their local MPP - the very same Jim Bradley - about this further sad fiasco in a continuous string of billion-dollar green fiascos, based on his Malthusian-deluded green ideology!

So what that another 600,000++ tax dollars were clearly wasted by Bradley's Liberals, in their GreenFear-based long-con!!! The Standard's job is to ensure that their Sweet Greenie Jim is safely protected from scrutiny, while his Liberals screw Ontario's taxpayers.

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