Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Another St.Catharines Standard Jim Bradley puff-piece

Further to this earlier post...

...the St.Catharines Standard Bradley Shoeshiner somehow dug up Ole Jim Bradley for a story in their Nov.20, 2012 edition.

[Amazing, eh?! For half a year, when dozens of patients were infected and dying of C. difficile in Niagara, the St.Catharines Standard couldn't be bothered to find Jim Bradley!!!!!!!]

But hey - don't worry: this was just another JimmyFriendly puff-piece, with no substance; this time from Niagara Falls Review reporter Ray Spiteri. It was a 'very important' article about, ah... um... oh yeah... what Jim Bradley (the Environment Minister!) thinks about the 100K Sunshine List!

Wow! For this, they found Ole Jimmy?!?!!

And the Standard even carried a nice large photo of Good Ole Liberal Jimmy, just for good measure! Oh, that's super! Why, it's like a campaign photo, it's so great!! hahahahaha

Spiteri made sure - damn sure - not to mention that Jim Bradley is even a Liberal! Spiteri just wrote that Bradley is an "MPP". But Spiteri managed to remind us that Mike Harris was a "Conservative". Thanks, Spiteri.

So, Liberal MPP Jim Bradley was not asked about Bradley's years of global warming / climate change GreenFear-mongering, which directly led to Dalton McGuinty's eventual resignation as Premier. (...not to mention the multi-billion-dollar costs of Bradley's Liberal GreenFear-paranoia-based energy experiments).

Spiteri didn't ask Jim Bradley why the gas-plants are being built, when Brad Duguid told us that Ontario didn't need the power. (I mean, for cryin' out loud: Spiteri even had the loquacious Bradley babbling on that if someone changed the Sunshine List "they might be accused of trying to hide something"! Say whaaat?! You mean, like your Liberals did, Jim???!

Bradley gave Spiteri the opening; Spiteri just did his stenography and moved on.

Spiteri didn't ask Good Ole Jimmy why his Liberals are denying health care to Ontario children, who must go to the States for their treatment.

Was Spiteri told (...he didn't do this story all by himself, did he?! If so: shame...) by his editors to write some puff-piece to get Ole Jimmy in the papers again, on issues far removed from Jimmy's disgusting Liberal proroguation? This story did the trick.

So, that's what we saw in the St.Catharines Standard: another little bit of JimmyFriendly propaganda, ignoring the true political questions swirling around Jimmy's Liberals. These are the kind of stories which Warren Kinsella approves of!

Good job, all around!! The Ontario Liberal Party (...and Jim Bradley, natch!) thanks you!

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