Friday, November 23, 2012

Hypocrite Dalton's petty, pathetic, whining, waning days...

It was astounding to hear Ontario Premier Liberal Liar Dalton McGuinty's hypocritical whining about Harper in this Nov.20, 2012 Toronto Star story "McGuinty laments Harper’s refusal to attend premiers’ meeting in Halifax".

Yes folks: this is from the same Liberal scumbag Dalton, who refused to work with the elected members in Ontario's Legislature, and who then prorogued the Legislature and ran away from a House contempt inquiry!!!

This is the same McGuinty who resigned as premier, to allow his Liberals free time to conduct their own little leadership/free publicity campaign!

This is the same proud Liberal who, upon receiving a minority government from the electorate, resented not getting his own bullying way, and couldn't be bothered dealing with the pesky opposition, or answering any of their pesky questions!!

Yes: this is Dictator Dalton bizarrely and sanctimoniously lecturing Harper for 'passing up a chance to co-operate' on issues!

{... like, back when Ole 'Clean-Air McGuinty' didn't want to be tied down by federal greenhouse gas regulation..? Let McGuinty pretend that didn't happen...}


But, there it is: the unabashed two-faced Liberal scumbaggery for all to see.

Another piece of stink to add to Disgusting Dalton McGuinty's portfolio of Grit stink, sure to enhance his glorious legacy of duplicity and failure.

This incident, small as it is, speaks volumes about this slimy Liberal's character - it's as if he cannot comprehend the enormity of the damage which his own political experiments have caused in Ontario.

Hey: let's go to a party and sing praises to the Great Sorbara, and merrily celebrate the Liberal disaster zone which Ontario has become...

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