Saturday, November 24, 2012

Another tankard of Niagara's Finest GreenFear, Sir, if you please...

Further to my earlier post...

Another slick bit-o'GreenFear surfaced in the St.Catharines Standard's Nov.24, 2012 editorial page A8, this time courtesy of some apparent climate-change expert, Bernie Puchalski, who tells us (without citing his sources - much as the way Liberal Environment Minister Jim Bradley seems to operate, when he sells us his Kyodiot planet-is-dying green kool-aid) that "...Given the dramatic increase in severe weather caused by global warming, the risk of extreme rainfalls overwhelming containment facilities..."

...blah blah... bla...  blahhhh... blah...  ...same old green canard, different pet project...

Whatever it is Puchalski was trying to talk about here, just doesn't much matter, does it: once he brought out the GreenFear card, he instantly undermined whatever possible merits his case may have had.

What we need to monitor is the "dramatic increase" of "atrocious man-made" GreenFear-peddling, mistaken as real science, and propagated as an if-all-else-fails-last-ditch cudgel to build support for some enviro-scheme or another.

I mean, Puchalski had some good reasoning in his article - until at the end, when he just had to unnecessarily trot out the irrelevant GreenFear-card.

And, Puchalski even wrote about Good Ole Liberal Jim Bradley in his article, but didn't bother questioning GreenJimmy's years of climate-change/global-warming deceptions.

Why?! Is Puchalski's default-belief the same as Jim Bradley's, Al Gore's, Stephane Dion's and David Suzuki's?! You know: "it's all settled"?!

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