Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Proroguement causes Liberal Jim Bradley to be subpoenaed in Greenbelt-quarry seat-saver scandal

Do you think Wendy Metcalfe's Liberal Friendly Bradley Bootlickers at the St.Catharines Standard will bother to follow-up or pursue their buddy, Ontario Environment Minister Jim Bradley, about this Oct.29, 2012 story "McGuinty prorogation enables subpoena of Premier & other Ministers in $275 million seat-saver scandal"??

Part of the story reads:

"...Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty and other senior Cabinet Ministers will be subpoenaed and compelled to testify in the judicial review of the Liberal government's decision to kill the proposed Flamborough Quarry. The judicial review will help determine whether the government acted improperly in cancelling a quarry in the riding of Liberal MPP Ted McMeekin in advance of the 2011 provincial election. St Marys Cement has also filed a NAFTA claim based on the regulatory failure in this case, and is seeking damages of not less than $275 million.
In May, St Marys Cement served a Notice of Application to review the decision by the McGuinty Liberals to issue a Minister's Zoning Order and a Declaration of Provincial Interest to stop the proposed Flamborough Quarry. The provincial government brought forward a motion to have the application dismissed, a motion that has now been dismissed by the Ontario Divisional Court. The government has appealed this ruling.
Due to a common law principle that protects sitting members from being subpoenaed while the house is in session or on break for holiday, the decision by Dalton McGuinty to prorogue the Legislature presents the first opportunity for the Premier, in addition to Ministers Jim Bradley and Rick Bartolucci, to be forced to testify. The legal process will now be initiated with the full intention of hearing from key decision-makers around this decision to save the seat of a Liberal MPP..."

Well, it's not like this story hasn't been around for a long time!! I wrote about this issue back on Oct.6, 2011, and even then I was questioning why the disgusting Bradley Liberal Brown Nosers at the St.Catharines Standard weren't bothering to ask their pal Jimmy about this - when he was still a sitting Liberal minister.

Now, a year later - after Jim Bradley and his cowardly Liberal scumbags have callously and spitefully prorogued Queen's Park - Wendy's Water-Skiing, Wrong-Righting Bradley Sycophants, somehow, strangely, still have NOT BEEN ABLE to... umm... "find" their local MPP, Good Ole Jimmy, for an interview on this!! Reports are that Good Ole Jimmy will be subpoenaed on this, now that Jimmy's enjoying his self-serving proroguement.

Now, after the Liberals' seat-buying-at-public-expense gas-plant scams, we're hearing of even more Liberal seat-saving scams, this time that possibly the coffers of GreenFear-pusher Bradley's oh-so-highly-vaunted Greenbelt, were raided for partisan Liberal gain?! Say it ain't so, Jimmy. Sounds like the familiar sort of M.O. the Liberals used in their gas-plant seat-saver scam!

Hopefully for Jim Bradley, this will not be newsworthy nor important to Wendy Metcalfe's St.Catharines Standard JimmyBoyFanClub!

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