Saturday, October 20, 2012

When will Ontario's press make the link between McGuinty' green energy fiasco and Liberal Jim Bradley's GreenFear ideology?

In "McGuinty exit reflects reckless rule" (St.Catharines Standard, Oct.20, 2012, pg.10) Jim Merriam wrote about how "green energy was the "in" thing, and the Grits didn't have Clue No.1 what a screw-up the Green Energy Act would be."

Well, that's not at all true: McGuinty's Liberals certainly and plainly DID know that their GreenFear policies were a sham, and, what's worse, McGuinty and Liberal hacks such as MPP Jim Bradley, DID NOT CARE!

Of course McGuinty's climatalarmist Liberals knew that their green activism was pie in the sky horseshit...

 (...and it still is; yet, the same 'green is in' crap is still being unquestioningly peddled in the St.Catharines Standard, in a laughable David Suzuki column directly below Merriam's column, on the same page 10 of the Oct.20, 2012 Standard!)

... it's just that McGuinty's ignorant green bolsheviks simply disparaged and dismissed those who pointed out the dire consequences to Ontario's economy of McGuinty's GreenFear-fuelled paranoia.

But, for the sake of clarity, why doesn't anyone ask Good Ole Jim Bradley about all this?!

Did Merriam bother to ask McGuinty's most vociferous - and most deluded - GreenFear-pushin', harris-hatin' Kyoto-agitator, Jim Bradley, about whether Good Ole Jimmy knew about the idiocy of his own Liberal green energy experiments?!

Why didn't Merriam interview Jim Bradley, and get the green shit from the red Liberal horse's mouth?!

It would certainly be entertaining to hear Jim Bradley try to falsely pretend that disparate people such as Ernie Eves and Buzz Hargrove did not warn McGuinty and Bradley about their green fiasco in the making!

Jim Bradley's mouth spewed untold amounts of GreenFear-pushing propaganda over the years; and, during these years, no one from the St.Catharines Standard has ever challenged the so-called evidence or assumptions underlying McGuinty Environment Minister Jim Bradley's decades of GreenFear-pushing.

(The mantra, the status-quo default narrative, at the St.Catharines Standard JimBradleyFanClub had been (and still most likely remains) that global warming is 'all settled'; so, based on this bias, as far as the Standard was concerned, Jim Bradley's years of climate alarmism, and the subsequent fallout from Bradley's fear-mongering faulty ideology, did not need to be seriously examined!!
End of story -30- right, Wendy?
No "wrongs to be righted", as far as Jim Bradley is concerned, eh?!!)

If Merriam had asked Jim Bradley for an interview (now that McGuinty's "gone") and Bradley became 'suddenly unavailable' to answer these questions, at least we would still see that Jimmy's hiding, as is Jimmy's wont; after all, Jimmy's going to go into virtual hibernation until the spring!! Well, that's what it'll seem to us, but, really, Jimmy will be surreptitiously fund-raising and propagandizing about the greatness of McGuinty.

Seriously: Jim Bradley and his poisonous Liberals happily prorogued Ontario's parliament for purely partisan reasons, while then trying their deceptive best to blame others for "partisanship"!! Now, that his Liberals have closed the House, Bradley should have plenty of time on his hands to give detailed interviews to Niagara's "strong press" ...(right Warren Kinsella?!?! hahahah) as if ...

Hey, maybe Wendy Metcalfe's St.Catharines Standard Wrong-Righters will be tasked to ask Jim Bradley (oh, dream on...!) about how Jim's GreenFear ideology led to the destruction of Ontario's economy.

I'm sure that Wendy's gang of fifth-columnists (most of whom probably have taken various 'water-skiing lessons from prominent Liberals, and so, can't possibly and openly be biased' hahahahah!) will parrot whatever new narrative the Liberal party needs them to parrot, and make it out that Liberal green bolshevism had nothin' to do with anything!! They just need a bit more time to start that narrative!
Oh, yeah... and by the way: did y'all see that great cartoon (appearing along with Merriam's and Suzuki's articles, on the same page 10 of the Oct.20, 2012 St.Catharines Standard) portraying Liberal MPP Jim Bradley as an enormous pig with his fat belly hanging out over his pants, lifting his enormous porcine hocks and hooves to take a golden shower on Ontario's taxpayers, while carrying a  giant cash bag of pension loot on his shoulders?!?!

What a great cartoon that was, Wendy...
Really... ... really...
... just like those other  cartoons the Standard published...
Folks, you should find this Dolighan cartoon (Oct.20, 2012, page 10, St.Catharines Standard) and see for yourselves, the bitter extent of Liberal-bias... wow...
...and who sez the Liberal-friendly, water-skiing, Grit water-carriers at Wendy Metcalfe's St.Catharines Standard Wrong-Righter aren't Bradley Bootlickers?! wow...
...a Dalton cartoon?
.. why should there be a Dalton cartoon?!?

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