Friday, October 26, 2012

Liberal Jim Bradley should follow McGuinty, Duncan & Bentley: get out and stay out

Gosh... remember those Good Ole Days, when Good Ole Jim Bradley would magnanimously appear in the Liberal-fawning Good Ole St.Catharines Standard, and on-cue rail on sanctimoniously about the health-care evils of Harris?!!

Gosh, how the St.Catharines Standard loved to hear Bradley's sweet Liberal lullabies, demonizing harris.

Yet now, for some strange reason (which may involve water-skiing lessons...!) the St.Catharines Standard BradleyFanClub can't find Ole Jim Bradley, and ask him to comment on this article by Christina Blizzard.

For some reason, Wendy Metcalfe - who claimed that the Standard was some kind of wrong-righter - and her gaggle of water-skiing-Liberal-water-carriers, have suddenly lost Jim Bradley's contact info!

Oooops - now the Standard can't get hold of Ole Jimmy?!

Jim Bradley and his GreenFear climate-change-paranoia-pushing gang of Liberal scumbags have blown BILLIONS through outright incompetence and political fraud - yet Jim Bradley and his Liberals refuse to send a child to a Detroit hospital for eye surgery? Or another child for spinal surgery? Wow - someone call Mike Dukakis and that sicko Michael Moore.

Blizzard wrote:
"Dalton McGuinty and his health minister, Deb Matthews, have cruelly failed Whitby tot Liam Reid, 3, and Erika Crawford, 17.

Liam needs eye surgery in Detroit to save his sight. New OHIP regulations mean the province won’t pay. Erika just returned from Maryland where she underwent delicate, life-saving surgery for Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS).

Before surgery, her spine was pressing on her brain stem and the main artery in her neck. She was confined to a wheelchair and fearful that any sudden neck movement could cause her to have a stroke.

On Thursday, the Brantford teen paid a surprise visit to her high school. She’s walking — and she’s grown two inches since the surgeon straightened her spine.

It’s not the government she has to thank. It’s friends, family — and you, dear generous readers, who sent contributions from across the province. One donation came from Calgary."

From Calgary - in Alberta?

But: Jim Bradley hates oil - and Albertans, doesn't he?! How dare these "oil barons" cover-up for Jim Bradley's health-care duplicity!

And to send these kids to the evil United States, for health-care that Jim Bradley refuses to give them in Ontario!?? Why, this is a slap in Jim Bradley's face!

Jim Bradley hates Americans, and their health care too, doesn't he?!!! And, Jimmy hates doctors...!

Jeez... this whole thing doesn't sit well with Ole Jimmy!! How dare Ontario kids be sent to Detroit for health care, just because Single-Payer Jim Bradley and Tommy the Commie Douglas refuse to provide the needed health-care at home?! Time for the Shona Holmes-haters to climb out of Commie Douglas' socialist ass, and start attacking these kids for daring to get their health care in the States, and for leaving Jim Bradley's Grand Liberal Health Nirvana. (A cautionary tale for Obamacare)

[That's the line - "Oil barons interfere in Jim Bradley's vaunted health monopoly; children sent to U.S. for successful treatment, instead of suffering in Ontario, as good citizens of the Liberal State Health Monopoly; How Dare They?" - which would work in Wendy's skewed headline, if she got Don Fraser to cover this story... which she won't, cuz, well, ya can't jes' make JimmyBoy look bad, eh?!!]

Discuss this publicly, Jim, you disgusting health-care monopoly-pushing despot. Bradley's entire career was based on sliming others, for what he himself would far-surpass in doing!

Now that Liberal dirtbags McGuinty, Dwight Duncan, and Chris Bentley have said they're leaving, can Good Ole Disgusting Jim Bradley be far behind?

Why should Jim Bradley cause even more harm to Ontario? Bradley and his morally-bankrupt duplicitous Liberals have done way too much damage.

Do Ontario a favour for once, Jim: Get the FLICK out.  Leave, and don't come back.

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