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Liberal Brad Duguid should explain his gas-plant-closure lies

Further to my earlier post, where I wrote:

"...Brad Duguid stood up in the House at Queen's Park during question period, at the time the Liberals were cancelling the Oakville plant, and stated that Ontario DID NOT need any more power!!!

Will the Standard Bradley Buttlick confirm from Jim Bradley that Duguid was correct, that Ontario doesn't need any more power?!
As the Oct.7, 2010 Toronto Star wrote:
"...After insisting for several years that the plant was necessary because of plans to phase out coal-fired power plants by 2014, Premier Dalton McGuinty’s government said the picture has changed.
“When the need for this plant was first identified four years ago, there were higher demand projections for electricity in the area,” said a statement from Duguid’s office.
“Since then, changes in demand and supply…have made it clear this proposed natural gas plant is no longer required.”
The Star also reported: “Not only will the plant not be built in the GTA, it won't be built anywhere in Ontario,” said Duguid.
Note carefully that Duguid was quoted saying the Oakville plant was "no longer required" and "won't be built elsewhere in Ontario" !!
Was Duguid just outright lying?!..."


Well, we have since seen that Dalton McGuinty's Liberals (in order to buy themselves an election) cancelled two gas plants, and have announced that BOTH gas plants were to be built elsewhere.

We all do know this by now, right?!

So - why isn't anyone asking Brad Duguid about his blatant lies?! (...which is why Duguid's Liberals shut down Queen's Park and ran away: specifically so these Liberals would not have to answer such questions...)

Duguid was quoted in the Toronto Star (Oct.7, 2010) claiming that the cancelled Oakville plant would not be rebuilt anywhere in Ontario - but, as we now know, this was yet another lie in a myriad of lies peddled by McGuinty's incompetent boobs.

Duguid danced around other issues as well: in the Oct.7, 2010 Toronto Star story, Duguid said:
"changes in demand and supply…have made it clear this proposed natural gas plant is no longer required ”  - yet, McGuinty's Liberals announced that they were going to build two new gas plants to 'replace' both cancelled Oakville and Mississauga gas plants - the same two plants whose power, we were told by Duguid, was 'no longer required' in Ontario!!! So Duguid and his Liberals lied about that, too.

And Duguid also clearly said in the same Star Oct.7, 2010 story, that the need for the Oakville plant was "first identified four years ago" - which means this was identified squarely on McGuinty's Liberal watch. It was McGuinty's Liberals who approved the gas-plants, and McGuinty's officials who provided the faulty projections; then, the Liberals lied about it all, then went ahead and moved the plants elsewhere.

(...Read Parker Gallant's Oct.21, 2010 Financial Post analysis, where he makes clear that the Oakville gas-plant's procurement was NOT done by some lowly government civil servant: this had the greasy manic fingerprints of Liberal Energy Minister George Smitherman all over it. It was slippery Smitherman who, in August of 2008, had ordered the OPA to "move expeditiously" to finish the procurement process for the Oakville gas plant by June of 2009 - which is what the OPA then proceeded to do, signing a 20-year deal with Trans-Canada by September 2009. Then, at a hastily called news conference held at Otello's banquet hall in Oakville on Oct.7, 2010, Brad Duguid's Liberals flip-flopped, and cancelled the plant's site... a move that would cost Ontario's taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars.) 
So, if the power was not needed in 2010 (as was Duguid's original lie to justify the cancellation of Oakville, followed by Duguid's next lie that there would be no rebuild elsewhere) why have the Liberals announced that both gas-plants are being built in other locations?!

(680 News, Oct.7, 2010, also reported: "Duguid said demand for electricity in the GTA has dropped since the project was first proposed in 2006, and now, it’s been determined the plant is no longer needed.")
Which leads to the question: are the Bath-and-Sarnia 'replacement'  gas-plants still necessary, or not; and, based on what information? No one seems to know - certainly not McGuinty's Liberals, who are jumping ship like rats.

And let's remember, this whole gas-plant fiasco was set in motion by an even earlier McGuinty energy fiasco, which was his GreenFear-based pledge to close all of Ontario's coal-fuelled power plants; the gas-plants were supposedly necessary as backup because of the Liberal plans to phase out coal-fired power plants by 2014. 

And let's not forget: the "2014" date to close all of Ontario's coal-fired generators was from the Toronto Star story, which conveniently neglected to mention that originally (in 2002/2003/2004) McGuinty's Liberals kept saying that they would shut down ALL Ontario's coal-fired plants by 2007, not by 2014! Remember that, folks?! Upon obtaining power, McGuinty's bait-and-switch Liberals kept postponing the date!!

The 2007 date turned out to be just another blatant GreenFear-induced lie, perpetrated by McGuinty's and Jim Bradley's incompetent climate-doom-spreading Liberals.

The Liberals were well-warned at the time about the folly of their Grand GreenFear-based proposals: McGuinty and Jim Bradley couldn't care less about the warnings, about the predictable damage which their faulty climate fear-mongering would end up causing Ontario's economy.

Yet, in 2012, Jim Bradley and McGuinty sanctimoniously began blaming the opposition (!!) for what the Liberals recklessly did during their own eight years of majority rule, with their disastrous green energy experiments.

So there is your connection:
from Jim Bradley's smug, half-baked green bolshevism in 2002-2003,
to his Liberals' lies about closing the coal plants by 2007,
to their subsequent scramble (due to the inherent incompetence of their green energy schemes) to find replacement power quickly,
hence their idea to build new gas-plants,
which the Liberals later crassly cancelled and moved elsewhere,
but not before cravenly buying themselves an election in the meantime with taxpayer money,
and then, ultimately lying about the whole fiasco,
with the resultant pathetic political spectacle where Premier Liar McGuinty resigned because he was up to his long nose in his own Green Grit Shit.

So, there it is: what brought down McGuinty and caused him to resign, had been fermenting since the beginning, since his heady days even prior to his first election in 2003.

Dalton McGuinty's legacy was doomed to fail from the start, with his absurd [almost detached-from-reality] propagation and bureaucratization in Ontario of the GreenFear-induced climate alarmists' agenda, without regard for its affect upon the economy. It was all a pathetically smug, brash, despotic, irresponsible, and utterly negligent experiment - and now, Dalton's gone, held harmless from accountability or justice, while Ontarians will be stuck paying dearly for decades. It will be remembered that Dalton McGuinty fell on his own green climate-fear-induced petard.

The Liberals began their regime with a load of GreenFear-based lies; it is only fitting that McGuinty's pathetic political career ended with him being caught in his and Jim Bradley's demented Liberal web of GreenFear-induced paranoia and lies.

It's funny that Wendy Metcalfe's St.Catharines Standard gang of BradleyButtlicking Wrong-Righters have not bothered to ask their Green Idol, Jim Bradley, the climatalarmist Kyodiot, about any of this!! (After all: Jim Bradley is only Ontario's Liberal Environment Minister - so what could Ole Green Jimmy possibly know, about any of this, right?!!!) hahahaha

There was nothing in the St.Catharines Standard Bradley Shoeshiner, no investigative reports or interviews regarding Good Ole Jim Bradley, for over a week... and that's the way Warren Kinsella likes it, Wendy!

Keep up the good work: Jim Bradley and the Ontario Liberal Party are relying on the St.Catharines Standard now, more than ever, to protect Jim Bradley and his Liberals from scrutiny.
[...note that even in Wikipedia's page on the Liberal Ontario gas power plant scandal there was ABSOLUETELY NO LINK made to the Oct.7, 2010 Toronto Star article; even as of Jun.13, 2014 - a day after Liberal liar Brad Duguid was re-elected - there was still no link to show Duguid's blatant gas-plant lies!!! Even the Toronto Star's trio of reporters who had written the original Oct.7, 2010 story, never bothered to follow up on Liberal liar Brad Duguid's deceptions; the Star even endorsed the Liberals during Ontario's Oct. 2014 provincial election campaign...]
By Apr.1, 2015, Globe and Mail writer Adrian Morrow wrote a story on the Liberal gas plant scandal, at one point stating that the electricity from those two NEW relocated plants "will have to be piped from those locations to the Toronto suburbs, where the power is needed".
This statement by Morrow is in direct contradiction to what was being reported at the time of the cancellation, in Oct. 2010: Duguid at that time was making it clear (actually, Duguid was lying) that the power WAS NOT needed!!!
Why isn't the Globe writer Adrian Morrow acknowledging that fact?
The phony excuses peddled by the Liberals as a justification to cancel the two plants, were plentiful - but Morrow should not now be claiming that the "power is needed" while utterly ignoring, and failing to provide into context, that in 2010, Duguid's Liberals were lying through their teeth with the excuse that the power WAS NOT needed!!!
It's like Morrow is shilling revisionism for the Liberals here! After all: Morrow's story was a summary titled "Ontario Liberals' gas-plants scandal: Everything you need to know" - yet someone reading Morrow's story, would NOT know how the Liberals lied!

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