Tuesday, October 16, 2012

McGuinty's abandonment of Caledonia was a political template for subsequent Liberal C.difficile negligence

McGuinty's abandonment of Caledonia is overshadowed by McGuinty's deadly abandonment of Ontario's C. difficile patients

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The National Post carried a good editorial "Dalton McGuinty - successful politician, failed leader" (Oct.16, 2012), about Dalton McGuinty's resignation, which McGuinty had announced late in the day on Oct.15.

The Post's editorial nicely summarized McGuinty's years of lies and obfuscation, concluding that the worst thing that Dalton did was abandon the people of Caledonia.

It was no doubt a disgrace - an utter disgusting disgrace, what the cowardly McGuinty did (as a practising "Liberal", practicing in a supposedly-"just society") to the people of Caledonia, to Ontarians, and to the notion of rule of law.

However, I don't think Caledonia was on the same level of deceit, callousness and negligence, when compared to how McGuinty's lies in 2008 about Ontario's C.diff crisis 'being under control' (when it clearly wasn't) directly precipitated the 2011 C.diff outbreak in Niagara, which killed at least three dozen patients.

What McGuinty did in Caledonia (which came to a head in 2006) was bereft of leadership, and morally vacuous; but what McGuinty later did in propagating his C.diff lies...
 (...to hide his health-monopoly from a public inquiry in 2008 - a parallel tactic with the similar scenario in Oct. 2012: run, hide, and buy time when the flashlight is about to be shone on McGuinty's despotic, secretive activities!)
...was criminal, resulting in death.

McGuinty, in 2008, had an obligation - as the unapologetic head-cheerleader of a despotic political ideology which forced a single-payer state-run health monopoly upon Ontarians - to ensure that his state-run monopoly was publicly scrutinized, especially when hundreds of Ontarians had ALREADY died in C.difficile outbreaks throughout the province, under McGuinty's and George Smitherman's watch.

McGuinty, in 2008, personally perpetrated the lie that his Liberal-run health monopoly did NOT need any public scrutiny or inquiry into the C.diff deaths, claiming (falsely) that everything was under control, that the Liberals and their monopolist health organization knew all there was to know about C. difficile, so no troublesome inquiries were needed.

This was what Dalton McGuinty, Ontario's Premier Liberal liar, told us in 2008. This was way worse than what McGuinty did in Caledonia: this led to deaths in Niagara.

If the National Post had remembered McGuinty's 2008 C.difficile lies, then the Post would have been able to add a new and profound perspective to the significance of what happened in Caledonia: it was in Caledonia that McGuinty learned that he could act as a despot; where he learned that there were no serious repercussions to his (non)actions/decisions; where he learned that he would not be held to account for the repercussions of his "policies".

Caledonia crystallized in McGuinty's mind the reality that he and his Liberals could dismiss, lie to, and steam-roller over the people of Ontario, time and time again, fiasco after FLICKING fiasco.

Caledonia was a precursor which emboldened disgusting Dalton's political pathology, later helping this serial liar to non-chalantly create secret G20 laws, or condemn future patients to death, in order to protect his morally-bankrupt health-monopoly from scrutiny.

McGuinty should have been stopped and held to account at Caledonia.

Ontarians let McGuinty get away with it, for far too long.

And sadly, the people of Niagara still let Liberal MPP's Jim Bradley and Kim Craitor get away with it, as well.

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