Monday, October 8, 2012

What credibility does Jim Bradley have, on jobs, growth, or the oil sands?!

Here's a story, "McGuinty Has No Credibility On Jobs, Growth and Oil Sands", Oct.7, 2012 Northumberland View:

"Brad Duguid becomes the second Liberal cabinet minister to break ranks with Dalton McGuinty over the job-creating potential of Alberta’s oil sands – further proof McGuinty has no plan to create jobs and grow Ontario’s economy, PC Economic Development and Innovation Critic Monte McNaughton said today.
McNaughton made the comments after it was revealed that Economic Development and Innovation Minister, Brad Duguid, will visit Canada’s oil-production capital to discuss oil sands development. Last May PC Leader Tim Hudak toured the oil sands, praising its strategic advantages to create private-sector jobs and economic growth for Ontario.
“Ontario has many assets to allow us to play a leading role in developing the oil sands including steel and engineering, refineries in Sarnia, research in London, technology in Waterloo, the financial services sector in Toronto and a skilled and entrepreneurial workforce,” McNaughton said. “It’s encouraging to see Dwight Duncan and now Brad Duguid, come around and defy Dalton McGuinty over oil sands development,” McNaughton added.
The McGuinty Liberals are dragging Ontario toward a $30-billion deficit by sacrificing Ontario’s historic advantages of low energy rates, competitive taxes and a low regulatory burden. “And by repeatedly slamming the job-creating potential of the oil sands, Dalton McGuinty has slammed the door on new growth opportunities beyond Ontario’s borders,” McNaughton added.
We are in the midst of a made-in-Ontario jobs and debt crisis as a direct result of nine years of reckless overspending by the Liberal government, McNaughton said, citing that Ontario has hemorrhaged 300,000 manufacturing jobs, while at the same time another 300,000 government positions have been added to the taxpayer-funded payrolls.
“For Tim Hudak and the PC Caucus, our priority is growing Ontario’s economy and creating good-paying private-sector jobs. Every decision we make must go through that lens.
“Instead of running down the oil sands like Dalton McGuinty, we owe it to over half a million Ontarians who are out of work right now to ask how can Ontario best leverage the potential of the oil sands to create jobs here at home,” McNaughton concluded."
Now... drumroll ... let's hear McGuinty's Liberal Environment Minister Jim Bradley comment on this!!

When will it be Jim Bradley's turn to bicycle over to Alberta, to show everyone his phony Liberal "change-of-heart" about the oilsands, the way that Liberal con-men Duncan and Duguid and Dalton "apparently" have?!! "break ranks"...hahaha: as if...

What a charade!!

It's FLICKING hilarious how Dwight Duncan - Ontario's finance minister, and a senior Ontario Liberal for a decade - went to Alberta and, as Gary Lamphier writes, "told a Calgary crowd he was “astounded” to learn that Ontario firms will supply some $63 billion of goods and services to the oilsands over the next 25 years, while accounting for seven per cent of all new oilsands-related jobs."

Dwight Duncan is dripping with duplicity with his phony "oh, I'm now so astounded to learn this" crap!

Honestly - disgusting Dunco is now claiming he didn't KNOW about how Ontario had benefitted from Alberta's resources??

Wow, Dunco: did you also NOT know how disastrous your years of Liberal Green B.S. have been to Ontario?! Is this also "astounding" to you now, Dunco?! Are you blissfully unaware, Dunco, how your Liberals have helped destroy Ontario's economy?!

We in Ontario - and folks in Alberta - ought to be 'astounded' that this grifter Dwight Duncan is McGuinty's finance minister!! And we all ought to beware of Duncan's patronizing Liberal duplicity.

What gall for this Liberal charlatan to feign surprise and now pretend he knew nothing about the economic spin-off to Ontario, from the very oilsands which Duncan, McGuinty, Bradley, Duguid, along with their mentor David Suzuki, detested! Now, Dunco, the two-faced snake-oil peddler, goes to Alberta to ingratiate himself to the oil crowd which his Ontario Liberals demonized for years...

If Duncan is surprised about all this, then it can only mean that Dalton McGuinty also had no clue about the economics of Alberta oil, either.

Amazing: now Jim Bradley's Liberals are suddenly astounded by oil, in 2012! What else, then, are these Liberals "astounded" by, which they ought to have known?!! (deficit..? whaaaat??)

Duncan's Liberals DENIED that their anti-oil green bolshevism would cost Ontario jobs - and this was a decade ago, still in Ernie Eves' time, when Good Ole Green Jimmy was smugly poo-pooing the damage his own Kyoto-agitation would wreak upon Ontario's economy!!

These hypocritical McGuinty Liberals have been dumping on Alberta for a decade!! McGuinty's Liberals are green bolsheviks who loved to demonize Alberta, while cooking up their fear-mongered climate-change hysteria in Ontario!!

Why - JUST ASK GOOD OLE GREENSHEVIK JIM BRADLEY ALL ABOUT IT!! No-one dares to reveal this GreenFear-pushing environmental emperor without his leafy ermine robes!!

Good Ole Greenshevik Jimmy's been a climate-change fearmonger for decades; so hating oil and spreading fear about peak-oil-this and population-explosion-that and man-made-global-warming here and extreme-weather-events there, is naturally Jimmy's passion. Let's see how the St.Catharines Standard dutifully does not mention any of this in their hallowed GritFriendly pages. [What 30 billion dollar deficit? Green Jimmy's got the windy green Samsung deal, doncha'll know?!]

Great Gaia's Ghost - why should the Standard's wrong-righters now bother asking Ole Green Jimmy about how his global-warming/climate-change/green bolshevik kyodiotry has helped destroy Ontario, when for years, the Standard gleefully helped peddle Bradley's and Dion's and Suzuki's unvarnished climatalarmism?!!

(...and they still do, as in Dan (the new greenie VanDakinDongenMayer...?) Dakin's little piece in the Oct.9, 2012 Standard, about the family which just knows all about global warming, and how to solve it... and the Standard is just happy to oblige, no questions asked!!!)

What Standard 'presstitutes'... the Standard's wrong-righters will gladly write up stories like that, (with no question or scrutiny on questionable climate claims), yet, they can't get off their rear ends to actually get their BoyBradley (...he's only McGuinty's Environment Minister, after all... what could Ole Jimmy know about global-warming...?) to "reveal" the "causes" of "AGW"! Instead of asking the source, the Standard continues on with their oh-so-typical unchallenged "it's all settled" campaign. Don't ask Jim Bradley, Ontario's GreenFear peddler, for AGW proof, ask the folks with the shiny Prius in their driveway.

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