Monday, October 15, 2012

McGuinty Liberals 100% responsible for Ontario energy mess

Further to this earlier post about MPP Jim Bradley's Liberal government's lies about their phony "50,000" green jobs...

...we have yet another detailed story, Ontario’s Power Trip: How the Liberals drove electricity prices up 100%,  by Parker Gallant (Oct.10, 2012, National Post), further exposing the greenscam energy fiasco created by McGuinty's Liberals, which has now devastated Ontario.

Jim Bradley and his unaccountable, secretive Liberal government's Green Fear bolshevism did not save Mother Gaia... all Jim Bradley and his Kyoto-whining-Grits did was demonize carbon dioxide and fearmonger about climate change and global warming and saving cucumber trees - and subsequently raise the cost of Ontario's energy over 100%.

Too bad that in Niagara, there are no actual reporters at the St.Catharines Standard Jim Bradley Brown-noser to ask local Liberal greenshevik Jim Bradley about any of this. Gotta help Jimmy'N'Kimmy to find a way ta blame harris...

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