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Jim Bradley spews more toxic rhetoric: blames opposition for McGuinty's cowardly proroguement!

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Let's take a look, shall we, at Niagara This Week's report, with the headline "McGuinty resignation puts Queen's Park on hold" by Pieter Van Hiel (published Oct.18, 2012, on page 4 of the paper edition)

First off: let's remember, despite the misleading, amateur-hour, biased NTW headline, it was NOT McGuinty's "resignation" which "put Queen's Park on hold"!!!

McGuinty resigning [or not resigning] had nothing to do with the prorogation!!

The two actions are unrelated!!

Don't reporter Pieter van Hiel, or, the ignorant NTW headline editor, comprehend that?!

McGuinty PROROGUED the house, but he did NOT have to do so. A premier's resignation is not a mandatory pre-condition for shutting down the democratic business of the House!! These two issues have nothing to do with each other!!

McGuinty chose to shutter and suspend Queen's Park as a spiteful measure, to protect his Liberals from uncomfortable parliamentary inquiries; McGuinty quitting/not quitting doesn't magically cause the House to close/not close!

McGuinty could have just as easily resigned, and not put Queen's Park on hold. The NTW headline writer is either biased, or ignorant of this distinction.

Why is Niagara This Week conflating these two issues, and arriving at false headlines?! To enable and propagate St.Catharines Liberal MPP Jim Bradley's poisonous narrative?!

We all know that McGuinty - spitefully, acting solely in the interests of his power hungry, self-serving Liberal party, and not at all for the people of Ontario - deliberately decided NOT to appoint an interim leader.

Had McGuinty truly cared for the province, and "did what was best for the province" (as Jim Bradley falsely, laughably, claims in Hiel's story), then McGuinty would have had the decency to think through his resignation. He would have announced a new interim leader, allowing not only the business of the House to continue,  but also allowing McGuinty to make a well-transitioned, non-disruptive exit.

But, no. What we got from this Liberal scumbag, was another slimy last-minute kick of grit in our faces.

Liberal MPP Jim Bradley - Ontario's main Kyoto cheerleader/agitator, enthusiastic supporter of Ontario's Liberal-created green energy fiascoes, and senior Liberal propagator of GreenFear climate change paranoia - tells reporter Hiel that "The atmosphere in the legislature is politically toxic (right now)".

What's "toxic" is Liberal GreenFear-pusher Jim Bradley's OWN toxic rhetoric - Jim Bradley is as full of shit in Hiel's interview, as Bradley has been for the last decade, on numerous issues.

Bradley was a global-warming-pushing fearmonger, who used GreenFear tactics to obtain and keep hold of political power.

Reporter Hiel had a direct chance to ask Liberal Environment Minister Jim Bradley to publicly disclose the "evidence" which Jim Bradley's Liberals have had in their possession since 2003, that AGW causes global warming/ climate change/ or whatever semantics Bradley is using for his pseudo-climate-based political socialism. But reporter Hiel didn't ask.

WHY?? Why ignore / 'forget' to ask Bradley, about how his own enviro-lies contributed to the mess which his Liberals find themselves in today, and which consequently, we as citizens will be forced to clean up and pay for?!

Was it NOT a relevant question to ask of Jim Bradley? Was reporter Hiel told by his editors at Niagara This Week, not to ask Jim Bradley about his deceptive, and costly to Ontario, climate change activism?! Or did Hiel just not fully understand who and what Jim Bradley actually was?!

Did reporter Hiel not know, not remember [or just not care] that immediately after McGuinty's resignation announcement on Oct.15, 2012 , McGuinty had held a press scrum, where he claimed that the economy was the most important issue in Ontario?

Hiel could have directly questioned Bradley about the veracity of McGuinty's audacious claim regarding the sudden-'importance' of Ontario's economy, seeing that for years, McGuinty and Bradley were NOT concerned with Ontario's economy: they were always fear-mongering about CLIMATE CHANGE!!!!

Why didn't Niagara This Week reporter Pieter Van Hiel, when he had the chance, ASK Jim Bradley about that?!

Why wasn't Jim Bradley, the Kyoto-pushing greenshevik, asked directly about how Bradley's own GreenFear-soaked policies detrimentally affected Ontario's economy?

Why wasn't Jim Bradley asked by Niagara This Week to explain why Bradley and McGuinty laughed derisively at those who a decade ago questioned the Liberals' climate-assumptions, and who warned Liberals of the dire consequences to our economy resulting from such climate-fabrications as peddled by Jim Bradley?! Doesn't reporter Hiel remember Jim Bradley's slimy attacks on Eves, on Ralph Klein, on the "oil barons"... ...??!

Wasn't Jim Bradley's GreenFear-agitated climatalarism instrumental in his Liberal majority government's energy files? Demonizing coal and oil, opening [and then closing!] gas plants, building costly wind plants under shady deals... wasn't all of this based on a doomsday 'the-planet-is-dying-if-we-don't-go-green-now" mentality - a paranoia treated as unassailable truth by none other than Liberals such as McGuinty and Jim Bradley?!?!

And yet, still today  - even after that dirtbag McGuinty's gone - there are still no Niagara reporters, neither from Niagara This Week, nor from the St.Catharines Standard, willing to challenge Liberal Jim Bradley's YEARS of politically-self-serving climate deceptions!

Has every Niagara reporter taken, ah, secret water-skiing lessons from Liberals?!

Just look at Jim Bradley's disgusting rationalization in support of asshole McGuinty's spiteful decision to prorogue Queen's Park: Bradley says "It was difficult moving any legislation through. It was being held up and picked apart (by opposition)."

Now, there's Jim Bradley's smug Liberal scumbaggery for ALL to see.

The reality is that when McGuinty didn't get his way, he simply walked away...

... just like when McGuinty had  walked away from cancer patient Mike Brady;
(Jim Bradley would like us to forget about that; Jim wants us all to know what a caring guy Ole Daltie is...)

... just like McGuinty ran away from a public C.diff inquiry in 2008, promising us lies which led to dozens more C.difficile patients dying in Niagara in 2011.
(Jim Bradley would like us to forget that too; Ole Dalton's a caring guy... right, Jim?!)

... just like McGuinty walked away and slammed the door on our House, on Oct.15, 2012.
(and Jim Bradley is already peddling his slimy spin, hoping we all forget McGuinty's last-ditch disdain towards the House!)

This is a typical, tiresome Liberal tactic - duck, deceive and deflect. Bradley should be ashamed.

Bradley and his stinking secretive Liberal minority cowards couldn't bear to have their Liberal lies and their Liberal incompetence scrutinized and challenged, and their insane policies "picked apart"!

Their leader ran away when the net began closing in, and, in a last act of desperation, he closed the House behind him, not to save Ontario [or even save 'The Planet', eh, Jim?!] but to save his own Liberal rat's nest. This is why Bradley is cooing over Dalton - because Dalton chose his party over the province.

What we see now, is that Jim Bradley prefers to ram it to you, the way Jim Bradley likes it.  Damn this pesky "opposition", what with their asking questions and 'picking things apart' and challenging sacrosanct Liberal dogma... why, suddenly, somehow - according to Jim Bradley's bizarre world-view - it's the opposition's fault for the closure of the House, not his Liberal's fault!!

That's what Bradley is now telling us, in a pathological case of Boyle Syndrome.
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