Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Deb Matthews pretends Ontario healthcare is NOT political!

Nice to see Liberal Deb Matthews patronizingly continue to spout the Liberal lie that somehow in Ontario, the topic of hospitals or health care is magically 'not political'!

You see, to Health Minister Deb, when her Liberals are in power, healthcare is magically apolitical; yet, when harris-hatin' Liberals were in opposition, healthcare was always political - and, of course, it still is: Ontarians have been forced by politicians into a single-payer, state-run health monopoly, where patients have no choice. This callous ideology has been practised and enforced with brutal relish by McGuinty's duplicitous Liberals for nearly a decade.

The same sanctimonious line has been uttered in the past, by the likes of Jim Bradley and Kim Craitor, and they were as full of rhetorical Liberal crap then, as Deb is now.

If  Deb is seriously trying to angle for McGuinty's job, well, then, lying about government-run-monopoly health-care as not being political, is exactly the kind of bullshit that could make Deb a Lieberal leader.

That's what Liberal voters demand: illusion.
...and, because healthcare is 'not political' (according to Health Minister Deb) then why are people such as Linda Haslam Stroud attending cozy meetings in McGuinty's office, out of public view?! Oh, Deb - the deceptions you and your Liberals spin!!

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