Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Media fails to examine McGuinty's Liberal climate junk-science

Interesting to see Greg Van Moorsel's Oct.23, 2012 article in the St.Catharines Standard, where he talks about the Liberals' energy mess, yet - amazingly - Moorsel doesn't bother to specifically mention Ontario's Liberal Environment Minister Jim Bradley, nor Bradley's personal political complicity in Ontario's costly Liberal junk-science-based green energy failures - which was ostensibly the subject of Moorsel's article!

Moorsel somehow mentioned there being "hold-out Grits" in Kingston, in Windsor, and in London - but totally "forgot" to mention the green Grit bolshevik hold-out in Niagara, St.Catharines Liberal GreenFear-pusher MPP Jim Bradley! [Bradley? Huh...? Whaaaa...? Waz Ole Jimmer thare gots ta do wid any'o'dis??]

Moorsel should specifically ask Jim Bradley about the Lake Vostok climate-lies, posted at the base of Toronto's CNE Exhibition wind-turbine. Let's see Enviro Jimmy's specific answer to that propaganda.

Moorsel should also ask Jim Bradley for Bradley's specific "evidence" about 'man made Co2 causing global-warming', because, if Moorsel doesn't get the green goods from Ontario's GreenFear-spreader Bradley, then Moorsel is spinning crap himself. (...like when Moorsel goes on about "dirty coal" (a well-worn Liberal line) and 'GHG emissions' - which are mutually exclusive issues! Bradley would like Moorsel and the media not to see that distinction, because it would lead to questions about Jim Bradley's faulty 'science', which shakily supports Jim Bradley's Liberal green-socialism. The Moorsels' of the media might begin asking about how Jim Bradley's junk-science, was crassly manipulated to become political-science. (With this in mind, also remember that Jim Bradley has just told us how his secretive Liberal despots could not stand to have their their politically-expedient, junk-climate-science-based GreenFear Liberal climate lies examined and picked apart!)

Moorsel should also specifically ask Jim Bradley (after all, Bradley is just Ontario's Liberal Environment Minister (!) who at the moment has nothing to do for the next 3-4 months) all about the Bradley government's secret Samsung deal. Wasn't that whole Greenscam entirely based on unsubstantiated GreenFear-mongering by Liberals, spreading climatalarmism that the Planet was going to blow up soon if we did not submit to Bradley's Liberal green energy experiments?! That's exactly what this was all based on - and the junk-science-based GreenFear-mongering was incessantly led by Liberal stalwarts such as Jim Bradley.

Jim Bradley's Liberals - and Jim Bradley in particular - have a lot to answer for, in how they spread their polarizing and unsubstantiated GreenFear throughout Ontario for almost a decade.

It would be nice if the Niagara media would actually start some real investigative journalism, detailing the McGuinty Liberals' crass climate lies and resultant political opportunism, as seen from a local perspective ....(not to mention having the media examine their own willing complicity in propagating the 'Planet-is-going-to-be-destroyed' climate-doom-scenario)

Let's not forget, this very same insane GreenFear climate paranoia was also unquestioningly peddled in Niagara (as it was in regions all over Ontario) by the media, and by countless municipal and regional lemming councillors and mayors, who were cultivated by, and who themselves insidiously regurgitated, the same faulty green-science-fiction. None, along with Bradley, have ever been compelled to provide any real substantiation for the costly and useless projects which they suddenly found necessary and in vogue, to 'save the planet from doom'.

This was a green cult which now needs serious examination. So, give Ontario Environment Minister Jim Bradley a call - he's responsible in large part for Ontario's energy fiasco, and, he'll probably appreciate a break from all the paper-shreddin' he'll be doing during his long, paid break...

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