Thursday, October 4, 2012

McGuinty's Liberals shoot horses, don't they??

There was another nice piece of Liberal-friendly propaganda, in the form of an editorial titled  "Horse Slaughter Looming" in the Oct.4, 2012 edition of Niagara This Week.
It's absolutely amazing how, in this entire editorial, there was NOT ONE MENTION of Dalton McGuinty's Liberal government, whose policies have created this situation!!
There was nothing in this editorial mentioning the Ontario Liberals, and their absolute and direct complicity in this situation!!
It takes great skill to pull off an editorial such as this, to completely cover up the Liberals' guilt, as if this entire situation somehow unfolded, all on its own, without any McGuinty Liberal knowing about it!!
(Wow... Wendy Metcalfe, your St.Catharines Standard wrong-righters might start getting jealous of the skillful GritFriendly-spin from Katherine's NTW gang!)
Incredible: there was no mention of local Niagara Liberal hacks Jim Bradley, or Kim Craitor - which is the way the press likes it, when it's to the Liberal's advantage! After all: what do Liberal MPP's Jimmy'n'Kimmy have to do with the killing of thousands of horses?
Why, nothing at all, if the local press can help it.

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R.Bobak said...

... and it's funny how no-one in the local Niagara press thought it was noteworthy to trumpet how, just recently, the Jarvis Ave. bicycle lanes in Toronto were approved for removal, by none other than cucumber-tree-saver and kyoto-climate-change-fearmonger Liberal MPP Jim Bradley!!
Yes: Good Ole Enviro-Jimmy, the King of the Greensheviks - the Mid-Pen road-hater who has no problems building the 407 - did nothing to stop the closure of the bike lanes!
Oh, well... best for the local press not to report nor dwell on that - it might make Ole Liberal Two-Face Jimmy look bad.