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McGuinty's Liberal Party Junta hijacked power during the Ontario 2011 election campaign

Further to this earlier related story...

In "Gas plant should finish McGuinty Liberals" (Toronto Sun, Oct.12, 2012) Christina Blizzard wrote:

"Let’s just call it the way it is.

They lied.

Premier Dalton McGuinty lied.

Liberal House leader John Milloy lied. Energy Minister Chris Bentley lied.

They all assured us, solemn-faced, that all the documents regarding the controversial cancellation of two power plants — one in Mississauga, the other in Oakville — had been released.

Then, on a Friday afternoon on a week when the House isn’t sitting, the Ontario Power Authority quietly dumped another 20,000 documents.

The government can argue all they like that they have no control of the OPA.

That’s a joke. The OPA is a creature of the McGuinty government. From its early days, the agency was staffed with people with strong ties to the Liberals — such as Ben Chin, who once ran for the Liberals and who worked as an adviser in McGuinty’s office.

If OPA is so incompetent it didn’t realize there were still documents to be released, there’s only one way to point fingers — and that’s at the McGuinty government.

There are times when Opposition parties go over the top, demanding the resignation of cabinet members for minor misdemeanours.

Not this time.

Tory Christine Elliott was quite restrained in saying Bentley should go.

“Clearly the Liberals are hiding something,” she told reporters Friday.

Bentley is already facing a contempt motion — and could face another one, Elliott hinted.

“At one time an apology and true contrition could have solved this scandalous debacle,” she told reporters.

Calling it a “cover-up,” she said, “upwards of $1 billion has been wasted on a political seat-saver program.

“The minister should seriously consider tendering his resignation for making untrue statements to the House,” she said.

I’d go even farther.

Senior members of the cabinet and the premier have been caught red-faced and red-handed.

It shouldn’t just be Bentley who takes the rap, it should be the entire government.

The opposition parties should put forward a confidence motion saying in light of the Liberals’ disgraceful behaviour, the government no longer enjoys the confidence of the House.

Bring them down and have an election. It’s the only way to root out this shameless opportunism.

Let’s clean house once and for all.

How can we trust these people again?

This money was wasted purely out of political self-interest.

The OPA was created, supposedly, as a way to make arm’s length decisions about where to site power plants.

What a joke that turned out to be. Bentley has already admitted that the decision to cancel the Mississauga plant was taken by the Liberal campaign team during the election campaign.

How arm’s length is that?

Now the government has the gall to tell us they had no way of knowing the OPA was going to release more documents.

How stupid do they think we are?

This is the same government that took us all for a ride for millions of dollars in the Ornge air ambulance scandal. It’s blew $1 billion on ehealth.

And it’s the same government that told three-year-old tot Liam Reid that we can’t afford the $5,000 per treatment it will cost for sight-saving surgery for him in Detroit. We can’t afford to pay for Brantford teen Erika Crawford to get life-saving surgery in Maryland.

We don’t have enough money to save a child’s life, but when it comes to saving Liberal butts in an election, we’ve got cash to burn.

McGuinty should spend the weekend considering his future.

He could do the right thing, take responsibility for this mess — and resign.

Or he can call an election and let voters pass judgment on his government’s disgraceful behaviour."

I wonder when Wendy Metcalfe's wrong-righting St.Catharines Standard Jim BradleyFanClub will be asking McGuinty's Liberal enviro-goon Jim Bradley, to show us all the detailed environmental studies, which Jim and his lying Liberals must have somewhere, for the Oakville and Mississauga cancelled plants, and their costly supposed rebuilding in Lambton/Sarnia and Bath (between Napanee and Kingston)?!

When was GreenFear-monger Jim Bradley's environmental review for the Sarnia or Bath site completed? During the 2011 election campaign, when Jim Bradley's unelected Liberal campaign team hijacked power from the Government of Ontario?

When will Wendy's smug gang of St.Catharines Standard wrong-righters get around to asking their precious BoyJimmy why it's ok for Jimmy and his lyin' Liberals to deny healthcare to Ontario kids...

[oh, yes, in case you didn't get it: harris-haters Jim Bradley and Kim Craitor and their Liberal Party/Government/junta are the ones denying health care to children, in Ontario, in a supposedly glorious Tommy Douglasonian single-payer state-run health care monopoly]

...while at the same time, GreenFear Environment Minister Jim Bradley and his fearmongering Liberals waste billions on global-warming-paranoia-fuelled green energy experiments?

Hey Wendy: maybe send Dakin in for the job. It looks like he can spin silk out of Jimmy's sow of a political record.

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