Saturday, October 13, 2012

Today is the 200th anniv.of General Isaac Brock's battlefield death

The cairn of Canada's War of 1812 hero Gen. Isaac Brock glows in a ghostly blood-red light, on the bloody slope where he was mortally wounded exactly two hundred years ago, in fierce battle with attacking American forces. The cairn reads:

"Near this spot, Sir General Isaac Brock, KCB, Provisional Lieutenant Governor of Upper Canada, fell on 13 October 1812 while advancing to repel the invading enemy"

This stone cairn was placed here by His Royal Highness Albert Edward, Prince Of Wales, on September 18, 1860.

In the upper right distance, overlooking the battlefield from the top of Niagara's Queenston Heights, towers the Brock Monument, where General Brock's body lays interred.

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