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McGuinty prorogued Ontario's legislature numerous times

Further to this earlier post on McGuinty proroguing parliament...

John Tory had several guests on his CFRB 1010 Newstalk afternoon radio show, on  Oct.16, 2012. In one interview, Tory asked Rob Benzie of the Toronto Star about what was McGuinty's biggest blunder, and unbelievably [...yet, completely predictably...] this Star reporter couldn't think of anything!!!!

The Toronto Star reporter couldn't think of anything!!! hahahahaha! Unbelievable!

Another set of guests were Warren Kinsella, a McGuinty Liberal propagandist, and Jerry Agar, a radio commentator. It was astounding to listen to Kinsella's sneering personal attacks on Agar (who is not even a politician) as Kinsella was trying at all costs to show his idol McGuinty in a good light - even in the wake of all of Dalton's demonstrable destruction.

It was particularly telling when Kinsella - devoted McGuinty water carrier - attacked Agar for pointing out that McGuinty needlessly prorogued the legislature, by slamming Agar with the red-herring that Harper had done so, three times.

Funny that NO-ONE - not Agar, not host John Tory himself (not even Ryan Doyle and John Downs on their own show later that same evening, who were discussing Tory's show) - bothered to respond that this was [at least] McGuinty's fourth prorogation:

McGuinty prorogued in 2007.
McGuinty prorogued in 2010.
McGuinty also prorogued in 2011.

Why didn't John Tory bring this up?!

Has everyone forgotten about McGuinty's cynical, self-serving political penchant for proroguing??!

Kinsella (ever the loyal spinmeister) tried valiantly, but transparently, to deflect the issue, to slime others by pointing to Harper, when Kinsella's own boy Dalton McGuinty is a serial proroguer!!!!

Then Kinsella lectured Tory's audience and Agar about "democracy", after he had finished blaming the NDP and the Conservatives for not co-operating with Dalton's Liberals! Yet Kinsella ignored the fact that for the last year, McGuinty was dropped into a minority (due to that inconvenient-for-Dalton 'democracy' thing!). Kinsella ignored that Dalton, rather than working with the opposition, continued to act as if he still had a majority.

Kinsella ignored the fact that voters in that 'democracy' which Kinsella was preaching about, gave McGuinty the message that he was now on notice, that he had fallen to a minority government position, and that he had better start working with the opposition. Kinsella ignored the fact that McGuinty was used to always getting his way while he held a majority; now as a minority premier, when McGuinty's Liberal turds hit the fan, and when Dalton didn't get his way, Dalton walked away.

There are plenty of reasons that justify Dalton's departure.
But, McGuinty's petty act of also proroguing the Ontario legislature at the same time was unnecessary, as Agar had pointed out. All that this showed was the contempt that this Liberal scumbag McGuinty has had for Ontario's electorate, since even before his recent election.

Dalton did not have to be vindictive, and shut down Queen's Park, as well.

So, it is not surprising that, like Kinsella, Niagara Liberal hack Jim Bradley also defends McGuinty's prorogation with this flimsy fib:

"With partisanship run amuck in the provincial legislature and few bills passed, proroguing provincial parliament made sense.
That’s St. Catharines MPP Jim Bradley’s reaction to Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty’s announcement to prorogue the legislature in his Monday resignation announcement.
The prorogation is to last until a new Liberal leader can be elected, which McGuinty said he’d like to see done as soon as possible.
Both the Liberals and Progressive Conservatives have sharply criticized the decision and urged McGuinty to recall the legislature.
“What he saw was a legislature which is highly charged right now politically — highly charged in a partisan way,” Bradley said.
“Very few bills have passed through the legislature,” Bradley added. “There are ongoing political slams back and forth between all the political parties.”
Among controversial issues are the investigation into the scandal at Ornge and the emerging scandal surrounding the costs of relocating the Mississauga and Oakville gas plants.
Some education unions are at war with the premier’s government over imposed wage provisions aimed at cutting expenses and tackling the deficit.
Bradley said McGuinty would also use the prorogation to talk to the public service and “see if there’s a collective agreement that could be reached in a more subdued atmosphere.”
The time would also allow for time to talk to opposition leaders to “plan for the future to see if there’s any legislation to be agreed upon,” Bradley said..."

Notice how Don Fraser, the St.Catharines Standard reporter, didn't bother asking about Jimmy's own "partisanship", though: it was enough for Fraser to just parrot Jimmy's own "highly-charged" claims, without question - as has been the Standard's standard unquestioning stenographic practice for decades. (Letting Liberals slide from scrutiny is nothing new for Don Fraser, sadly)

Where was Bradley's detailed reaction in the Standard, regarding the Conservative's recent white policy papers, for example??!! Reporter/stenographer Fraser did not bother asking - was this an order from Wendy Metcalfe, not to ask too much of Ole Liberal Jimmy? Why didn't Fraser ask Jimmy to explain how this 2012 prorogation is different than all the previous ones which McGuinty initiated??!

It is Jim Bradley's own smug Liberal partisanship which is the problem, no different than it is the same smug Liberal problem provincially. Liberal Bradley speaks as if somehow he is not part-and-parcel of the Liberal problem! And Fraser abets! (This is not reporting - it's propaganda)

Fraser even had the chance to specifically ask Jim Bradley about how Bradley's years of destructive green bolshevism were not "partisan"... but... umm... well... ahhh... ... ...
Ontario's green bolsheviks (aka Ontario's criminal Liberals) prorogued Ontario's Legislature again,  on Sept.9, 2016. Where's the indignant outcry from the hypocritical left??
This time, Liberal premier Kathleen Cruella Wynne was running away from answering questions about how her and Jim Bradley's green energy fiasco has spiralled into a financial nightmare for Ontarians.
It's amazing to watch these Liberal scumbags bob and weave as they now pretend that somehow they had nothing to do with the astronomical electricity rates which resulted from their own wanton destruction of Ontario's energy sector.
Suddenly, Ontario's GreenFear-mongering Liberals are shape-shifting again, and are presenting themselves as wanting to solve the problems - which they themselves negligently created in the first place.

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