Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Liberals sent Pachauri Poop-O-Gram

The National Post editorial ("The UN's enviro-activist in-chief" (Feb.2, 2010, here) talks of the 'global-warming martyr' Rajendra Pachauri's self-appointed activism, as he continues pushing his IPCC's made-up "facts" about global-warming/climate change.
GreenFear TM spreading climatalarmists TM on the municipal, provincial, and federal political levels still look to Pachauri as a guru for guidance.
We even saw Liberal Stephane Bumbledore Dion using Rajendra Pachauri in his Green Shift ten-percenters, you know, the ten-percenters which Iggy's Liberals now hate so much: see here for the Liberal Poop-O-Gram sent by MP Ken Dryden featuring Pachauri.
It's astounding that these Liberals believed so much in the BS being spouted for years at the IPCC, that they were actually proposing to govern Canada relying on Pachauri's deceptive bluster.
That was what Dion's phony Green Shift scaremongering was all about; and, what's more phonier, is that now Michael Ignatieff continues feigned indignance about climate-change.
Funny, how in 2015, Dion and his fellow Liberal GreenFear-mongers became silent about their hero climatalarmist Rajendra Pachuari.

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