Thursday, March 4, 2010

Ooops - Smitherman suddenly remembers he HAD something to do with McGuinty's eHealth fiasco!!

Oh, this is precious: McGuinty's disastrous old health and energy minister, and wannabe Toronto mayor, George Smitherman is now - get this - floating the idea of private sector involvement in TTC transit and garbage collection!! (here)
This is from the dictatorial Liberal ideologue who railed against ANY dilution of McGuinty's Liberal-enforced health monopoly? Ole Shitty Smitty now wants, what....?! Competition?!!
What a pandering, opportunistic hypocrite - typical slimebag Liberal.
Smitherman, the idologue, never said the same thing about healthcare - and he should have, years ago, in 2003.
Smitherman also kept pretending that he had nothing at all to do with the billion-dollar eHealth spending scandal - yet now admits (Mar.4, 2010, on Agar's CFRB show) that he should have been "more attentive"! Now, Shitty Smitty - who as McGuinty's bagboy never met a tax he didn't like - wants to portray this cultivated, fake image that somehow he's Mr.Fiscally Responsible!!!
Come on...!
Remember: this duplicity is from Dalton McGuinty's hand-picked incompetent, bullshitting health and energy minister; this is from McGuinty's hand-picked deputy premier of Ontario!!!!!!!!!!
This is from the ideologue who cut health funding while enforcing an ideological health monopoly; who was against patient-payer choice in Ontario; who sent cancer patients like Suzanne Aucoin to the U.S. to obtain their treatments - and then pretended (along with secretive Liberal MPP Jim Bradley) that he knew nothing about it!! (see Liberal Healthcare Duplicity here, page 70)
Who the flick can take this snake Slitherman seriously?

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