Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Justin Trudeau: Son of Fuddle-Duddle's Flip-Flops

Further to an earlier post here ...

... talk about the pathetic vaudeville act which Stephane Bumbledore Dion brought to the Liberal party - it looks like Drama Boy Justin Trudeau is now looking to capture Dion's laughable aura.

By Dec.4, 2012, Trudeau has flip-flopped AGAIN on the gun registry issue, telling us that "if we had a vote tomorrow, I would vote once again to keep the long-gun registry".

'WTF?', you may rightly ask!

Justin just several days ago, on Nov.30, 2012, claimed that the gun-registry was "a failure". Now, he says, he would still vote for it again, having just told us he thought it was a failure! This Liberal wannabe leader is as incoherent as Stephane Dion ever was - and he can't blame it away on any accent, either.

It's becoming quite true that there's "no true in Trudeau" - it's just the same old typical lefty moral-equivalency-pandering tactic, as usual, applicable to a host of their malleable positions.

When is this Liberal Trudeau ever telling us the truth?
Last week?
A little later from now?!
When he's in Quebec?!
When he's not in Quebec?
For the entire time when, as an MP, he supported the registry, and did not vote to abolish it, even though he now claims it was "a failure"?!

When did the registry suddenly morph into "a failure", for an opportunistic Justin? When he saw possible votes? What a base panderer!

We need only to recall back when the bumbling, hapless Dion was shovelling his GreenShift sh!t throughout Canada in 2008, that Dion was constantly shoving his foot in his mouth, policy-wise, yet, Liberal apologists have since created a mythical narrative that this was someone else's - not Dion's - doing!

Get ready for the same kind of spin (Warren Kinsella's probably manufacturing some already) to help cover for Justin's vacuous vacillation - that somehow, all this was a misunderstanding, that the whole thing was out of context, and, nevertheless, made up by others to smear the earnest, entitled, coiffed fruit of Pirouetting Pierre's loins.

Justin Trudeau - whose motto is that others, but not him, are 'full of shit'  - set out, as he admitted, to smear Harper, yet all that the hallowed Son of Fuddle Duddle managed to do, was only smear himself. So: that is why Justin would be a great Liberal leader...can't wait, really...


R.Bobak said...

By late May 2013, Son of Fuddle-Duddle was in another muddle, again spewing his Liberal anti-west rhetoric, this time in regards to Senate seats.

R.Bobak said...

...and there was Justin parading around at his Ladies night bash, gushing about how he admires dictatorships - specifically China - because, umm, they can get things done without hassle from any opposition!!
Justin Trudeau must really admire Stalin's Soviet Union, too. What a FLICKING turd.
Andrew Coyne wrote about it in the Nov.12, 2013 National Post. Coyne failed to focus on how Justin Turdeau managed to shift his own just-admitted fondness for dictatorships, onto Harper, hallucinating/making up crap that Harper "must dream about" having the "flexibility" of a dictatorship to "do everything he wanted".
In fact, these dreams which Shiny Pony bizarrely ascribed to Harper, are Turdeau's OWN dreams - not Harper's!!
The well-coiffed fruit-of-Pierre's-loins had a break-from-reality moment here, projecting HIS OWN beliefs onto harper.
As a self-styled dictator, Turdeau would be the first to relish forcing things such as his green climate-change bullsh!t upon Canadians!
That was Stephane Dion's wet dream, and it's the dream of Turdeau's Liberals still.
Turdeau had no problem with the 'dictatorship' in Canada under Librano Jean Cretin.
Turdeau had no problem with the McGuinty Liberal dictatorship in Ontario.
Talk about a "cluttered and undisciplined mind".