Monday, December 3, 2012

Will GreenFear-monger Liberal Jim Bradley ever explain his role in botching Ontario's economy?

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... Andy Frame writes about "The big Ontario power-plant question, Will the Liberals ever explain their botched site-selection process?" (Dec.3, 2012 Hamilton Spectator), but oddly, he doesn't specifically mention former Liberal Energy Minister Brad Duguid's role in this McGuinty-energy-fiasco.

Why didn't Frame bother to question Duguid's claims (as reported Oct.7, 2010) that not only was the Oakville gas-plant's power suddenly not needed, but that the Oakville plant was NOT going to be rebuilt anywhere else in Ontario?!! Both of these points are relevant to Frame's story!

Doesn't anyone remember Duguid's smarmy claims, which we have since seen, turned out to be Liberal lies?!?

(...and, note, Duguid said this in 2010, a year prior to the Mississauga-plant also being cancelled!!)

Frame keeps asking "why not the Lakeview site", which is a good question, yet which, however, ignores the fact that Duguid claimed the power from the cancelled-Oakville plant was not needed in Ontario, anywhere, in the first place!! So, on that basis - why would any site be needed, at all??

Perhaps instead of Frame asking "why not the Lakeview site", Frame should be questioning 'why the Lakeview site'  [...not to mention 'why the Lennoxville-Bath site' and 'why the Sarnia site'...] based on what Duguid had said in 2010: that more electrical power was no longer required, so no replacement plant would be built, at any site!

... and on that line of thought:
... if  (as Duguid claimed in 2010) the power was not needed from the cancelled-Oakville gas plant in 2010, then that would have signified that, similarly, the power would also not be needed from the next-to-be-cancelled Mississauga gas plant, in 2011 - yet, both were announced to be replaced elsewhere, completely contradicting Duguid's statements! So: was the power 'needed' or 'not needed'?!

... and also: if the Oakville power was not needed in 2010, then why did McGuinty's Liberals nevertheless continue with the development of the Mississauga site - only to cancel it at the last minute in the middle of  the 2011 election??!!!

Frame should also try to contact (since the St.Catharines Standard certainly won't bother) the elusive Kyoto-GreenFear-peddler, Liberal MPP Jim Bradley (Ontario's currently-prorogued Environment Minister) to learn about the status and timing of the environmental approvals for these sites.

But as we have seen, secretive Liberal Jim Bradley doesn't much like answering pesky questions, especially when he is Personally Saving The Planet From Climate-Change Peril and Doom!!

As Frame writes: "What has been happening for at least five years is now evident. The McGuinty government has made political decisions that override power planning decisions and these decisions have cost millions of dollars. The result is higher hydro bills for residential customers. Ontario industrial customers will have much higher costs, which will lower their competitive position, and the Ontario economy will suffer."

This is exactly what Bradley and McGuinty were warned about in 2002-2003, when they were pushing for Kyoto.

These Liberals ignored the warnings then, and negligently plowed ahead with their idiotic GreenFear-paranoia-induced energy experimentation. Then when their Climate Change/Global Warming/Kyodiot house of GreenFear-fraud collapsed, they ran for cover and prorogued Ontario's Parliament.

Go ahead: ask Jim Bradley exactly why he and his disgusting Liberals ran away from accountability in the House: it was because they simply didn't feel like answering pesky questions from the opposition!

And now look at what these Liberal scum have wrought upon our province.

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