Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The NHS's "trouble" did NOT start with the HIP

There was another 'blame the NHS'-style letter (Aug.9, 2011, St.Catharines Standard, "Trouble started with the HIP") by Pat Scholfield (see also here) which prattles on and perpetuates a misguided and disingenuous theory that somehow the NHS created the HIP, all on its own, in a complete political vacuum, insulated from direct political direction, and with no political pressures whatsoever placed on it. Scholfield's selective narrative is, as usual, shallow and disturbingly partisan; the fascistic anti-patient-choice nature of state-run despotic health-care monopolism doesn't enter her sphere of consideration.

The "problem" didn't start with the HIP, as Scholfield claims: the "problem" started with Tommy Douglas, and how his "ideals" were perverted by health-monopoly-pushing politicians of every stripe. The "problem" is with those, Pat, who believe that only just a bit more single-payer despotism, just a bit more creeping government control and interference, will magically solve the "problem" - blithely ignorant to the fact that the "problem" itself  IS the failing single-payer, anti-patient-choice, unaccountable Liberal-controlled Ontario health monopoly!

The "problem" with the HIP (which Scholfield magically fails to mention) is that the HIP's creation was forced onto the NHS by Dalton McGuinty's Liberals. Oopsie: forgot to mention that little detail, eh, Pat?!

It was George Smitherman who was directly responsible for the creation of the HIP at the Niagara Health Syustem! The "problem" started when Jim Bradley, Kim Craitor, Dalton McGuinty, George Smitherman and the rest of Ontario's Lying Liberal scumbags were given a carte-blanche majority in 2003.

Contrary to Scholfield's spin, the "drastic" health care changes across Niagara were in fact directly orchestrated NOT by the NHS, but by Dalton McGuinty's incompetent  and negligent Liberals.

It was Bradley's and Craitor's Liberal government which underfunded its obligation as sole-monopolist-single-payer-manager of Ontario's fascist health-monopoly, and which ordered its LHIN proxy to force the NHS to create the HIP (supposedly to 'save costs' and 'reduce the deficit', remember?) C'mon, Pat: time for your yellow-shirts to acknowledge this.

No matter how the yellow-shirts try to spin it, the HIP was 100% Liberal made.

Blame the NHS all ya want - just make sure you understand that McGuinty's monopolist Liberal government controls the NHS. Make sure that local Liberal health-care monopolists Jim Bradley and Kim Craitor are held accountable. Make sure you know who's the real 'boss' at the NHS.

Not only did the Niagara HIP originate from the McGuinty Liberal government (with George Smitherman's disgusting stench all over it), it was the Liberal-created and Liberal-directed LHIN which also approved the HIP - after it was vetted by Dr. Jack Kitts - and it was the same Liberal-appointed LHIN which then ordered the NHS to implement it! Later, the Liberals also continually refused to reconsider or review the HIP which they had forced onto the NHS!
Whooooopsie: somehow, Pat just, uh... ummm... forgot to mention all that too!!! Wonder why?

The NHS did not demand the HIP - McGuinty's Liberals demanded it, approved it, and allowed for its implementation!!!

The NHS complied with what their Liberal overseers demanded.

[Now, that same Liberal-run LHIN which originated and also approved the HIP, is in charge of a phony last-minute pre-election investigation to examine the implementation of the HIP!! Honestly - where's Orwell when ya need him?!? What a sham.]

We should be tired of the pervasive, populist, half-baked 'blame the NHS' pre-election propaganda, with its underlying disingenuous narrative by the 'failed-statist-monopoly-denying-left' who choose to ignore the real problem in Niagara.

It is the Liberals, and their like-minded statist monopoly-enforcing acolytes, who are the problem.

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