Friday, August 26, 2011

Give Liberal Jim Bradley the boot

Here's a letter about truck speed-limiters which you won't find in the Jim Bradley-loving St.Catharines Standard, by Ronald Gunson in yesterday's Brantford Expositor:

"When Jim Bradley was Ontario's Minister of Transportation the Ontario Government passed the Speed Limiter Law requiring commercial vehicles to use electronic speed limiters to limit the maximum speed the vehicle can travel to 105km/hr. I expressed my concerns about the law in a letter to Mr. Bradley, explaining to him that I operated in jurisdictions where the speed limit was greater than 105 km/hr. On some U.S. Interstate highways the speed limit is 75 mph or 120 km/hr and it is almost impossible to operate safely in heavy traffic when your vehicle is governed 15 km/hr below the posted speed limit. I suggested to Mr. Bradley that if there is a problem with speeding trucks that Ontario adopt a policy like the State of Michigan with strict enforcement of the speed limit toward trucks. In Mr. Bradley's reply he stated "speeding trucks are a problem in Ontario. A 2005 traffic survey showed that 30% to 60% of large trucks were exceeding 105 km/hr on our 400 series highways." In a conversation with an individual in Mr. Bradley's office again I suggested strict enforcement of the speed limit toward trucks, if speeding trucks are such a problem. I was informed by the individual that this was not possible because there were not enough police available to do this. Think about it, there area not enough people available to enforce the law that already exists so what does the Ontario government do but pass another law. Now when you see a truck travelling over 105 km/hr on the 401 they are breaking two laws that are not being enforced.

In Mr. Bradley's letter he stated "regarding Ontario based trucks operating Out-of-Province, these drivers may de-activate the speed limiter when they leave the province and re-activate it upon re-entry, your vehicle's manufacturer or truck service centre should be able to advise you of the different types of available speed limiter options, including those that can be de-activated". An information pamphlet published by the Ontario Government explaining the speed limiter law stated Ontario's proposal is for a speed limiter that can be shut off when leaving the province to allow flexibility for carriers travelling to jurisdictions where the speed limit is higher. I talked to the service managers in most of the large truck dealerships in Metro Toronto and was told by all of them that they had no device available that would de-activate the speed limiter. Obviously Mr. Bradley and his ministry did no do the research on the availability of such a device before they passed the law.

Now Mr. Bradley is Minister of Community Safety and Correctional Services, and his ministry made a decision to close two local jails in Owen Sound and Walkerton. As a result of this decision prisoners will have to be transported to and from court to a facility 2.5 hrs away.In Mr. Bradley's letter to me explaining why the speed limiter law was passed he stated it would reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 280,000 tonnes each year. What about the the greenhouse gas emissions from the vehicles transporting prisoners to and from court. Another example of a decision made without doing all the proper research.

If Mr. Bradley is an example of the quality of people Dalton McGuinty has to put in charge of his different ministries I think it is time in the upcoming election to give McGuinty and his people the boot."
It's so typical of GreenFear-spreading Kyodiots such as Jim Bradley and his lying Liberals to use climate-fear in a deceptive ploy to rationalize their fascist laws.
Jim Bradley, McGuinty's supposed "G20 Safety Minister", hasn't even bothered to say one word about the safety of HIS OWN MURDEROUS LIBERAL-CONTROLLED HEALTH MONOPOLY, which killed some 32 C. difficile infected patients in Bradley's own backyard.

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