Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Provincial Supervisor is finally being called for Niagara's killer Liberal-controlled health-monopoly

Amazing: with less than two months to go before a provincial election - and after some 31 C.difficile-infected patients were killed in her Liberal-controlled health-monopoly - McGuinty's health minister Deb Matthews has finally decided to appoint a hospital Supervisor at the NHS!

It was about time - although her reasoning is still strangely suspect: Matthews bizarrely insists this is not being done because of the C.diff outbreak!! Whaaat?!! Come on!!

... [note the CBC's disingenuously-chosen headline on their report: "Niagara hospital system faces government control" - as if somehow, the NHS hadn't already been a ward of the Liberal's state-run-health-monopoly; as if the NHS wasn't aleady under "government control"!!
This duplicitous CBC headline suggests that somehow, the NHS had been independent all along [haha!!] and therefore must have been making decisions all on its own, without any direction and control from McGuinty's Liberals!!
What classic spin, right up Kim Craitor's alley: blame the NHS, but not the Liberals which control the NHS!! It's perfect!! Now the Liberals, dressed as white knights, can suddenly take over the NHS to save it - from Liberal government control!!
The whole thing is absolutely perfect in its pure guile.
Notice also how the CBC studiously avoids mentioning that the NHS's "restructuring plan" (HIP) was forced upon it by Liberal George Smitherman!!
Note also how the CBC mysteriously fails to mention the Smitherman-created Niagara LHINs' role - as overseer of the NHS - in both demanding and approving the HIP!!] ...

After this as-yet-unknown Supervisor is appointed to the NHS, then next - hopefully, after McGuinty's Liberal monopolists are defeated in October - Ontario's Ombudsman will have full, unfettered, independent access to thoroughly investigate the Mess at the NHS (...an investigation which McGuinty's secretive Liberals have been desperately trying to avoid for years...); and after that, the police should be called to criminally investigate whether these C.difficile deaths in Niagara were actually a mass-murder by McGuinty's negligent monopolists.

Matthews is trying, albeit too-little/too-late, to backpedal as hard as she can, but she cannot hide the negligent horror which Dalton McGuinty's fascistic Liberal monopolists, starting with health-care cutter George Smitherman, have created in Niagara.

We now see that McGuinty's bait-and-switch Liberals peddled lies when [in order to hide from a possible public-inquiry during their last killer C.difficile outbreak in 2008] they claimed that they had learned everything there was to know about C. diff, and that Ontario's state-monopoly-run hospitals would be safe in the future; single-payer monopoly-enforcer Dalton McGuinty himself made these fraudulent assurances - see here.

Now we can see that these were utter, negligent, criminal lies.

McGuinty's monopoly-enforcing lying Liberals should face criminal charges over their complicity in Niagara's summer of death.

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