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Bumbledore Dion: Three Stooges on their own Gong Show

above: Canada's Three Stooges reveal their plot to topple Canada's newly-elected government, Dec.1, 2008.
Layton, nyuk-nyuk, is playing Curly; Dion is the woefully hapless Moe, and Duceppe is the perennial doofus Larry. Coming soon to a riding near you.


Steve Deri wrote in “Coalition criticism for MP Allen” (Welland Tribune, Dec.3, 2008):

“Welland MP Malcolm Allen: I am sending this letter to voice my absolute dissatisfaction in what you and the rest of the incompetent opposition leaders are doing.

I am in your riding, and may I say that I did not vote for you. I do, however, accept the fact that you attained more votes than the other individual candidates in my constituency, and therefore earned the right to sit in Parliament. Such is our system.

On the national scale, you and your party garnered among the least amount of seats in Parliament, save for the independents.

How can you and your party honestly think you now have the right to cabinet seats with such low support. This is ridiculous. You cut backroom deals with a so-called leader who had the poorest showing in recent history, as well as chumming up with admitted separatists. All in the name of revenge.

This is not about the economic statement. This is simply about getting back at the Conservatives in a totally crooked fashion, just so you can pad the pockets of your union friends at Canadian Auto Workers and other such organizations.

If you honestly think that this three-headed Frankenstein is what is best for the country, why then did you not form the coalition prior to the election, and all of you run on that platform? Better yet, why not present this deal with the devil to the people, and let us decide.

My last question is this: what exactly did you give away to the Bloc to support you?”


Kate Miller wrote in 'Voters are being disenfranchised' (Welland Tribune, Dec.4, 2008):

"I am a college student, who is involved with politics, and it is unimaginable that such disregard to the democratic process is being put forward.

Stephane Dion received the lowest election numbers for the Liberals since Confederation; clearly Canadians have rejected him as a leader.

Stephen Harper won a majority within the provinces, except for Quebec. It is a shame that the popular vote means nothing in the house. If the popular vote means anything, Canadians do not want Dion, or Jack Layton or Gilles Duceppe as their leaders. The Bloc also have said that after the coalition ends, they would have the option to separate. This is not a concept that a prime minister should tolerate.

Harper won the election with a minority, but that does not mean that the opposition should be able to oust him within the first two months, or at all. He has done nothing unconstitutional, nor given any reason that he cannot govern.

Layton was clearly scheming well before the throne speech, so Harper could not lose confidence if Layton and the opposition leaders never gave it to him. Nor did the opposition hold the wishes of voting Canadians to carry much merit. Although they legally have the right to form a coalition, seeing that Layton started the process well before the throne speech, it should be deemed unacceptable. It proves that the opposition were never willing to compromise, as they said they would, nor would they give Harper the respect as prime minister. It is the right of Canadians to vote and those who did vote should not have to be disenfranchised and told who their prime minister will be, especially seeing that Harper won."


Fred Davies wrote in "Wingnuts on the rise" (Welland Tribune Dec.2, 2008):

"Let me see if I have this all straight.

The NDP had already hatched a plan for a bloodless coup d'etat prior to the economic statement by Finance Minister Jim Flaherty.

It apparently didn't matter that Canadians just voted and elected Stephen Harper.

Jack Layton doesn't care that we just had a $300 million election. Stephane Dion announced his intention to step down as Liberal leader, but the coup will put him into the Prime Minister's office even though he got the fewest votes of any Liberal since Confederation.

The Bloc Quebecois holds the balance of power and the key to government stability.
Hang on, do I have this right? Gilles Duceppe is thede facto Prime Minister in this game of political monopoly?

So, to recap:

Mr. Harper won, but really lost the election. Mr. Layton lost, but actually won. Mr. Dion quit but is going to be Prime Minister. And Mr. Duceppe is laughing his backside off because he is the one who is really in charge of the stability of Canadian government while being committed breaking up the country.

Hmmm. I just wanted to make sure I understood all of it. Welcome to our new banana republic -land of the political wing-nuts. "


What a sickening sight to see on all the newscasts on Dec.1, 2008, the three stooges of Canadian politics pursuing their December Putsch greed-lust gambit for power.

Dion, the supposed Clarity act federalist, whored himself along with his credibility to the separatist Duceppe, and to Taliban Jack-Squat. Greenie May began squeaking for a senate seat…unbelievable. Parizeau has now arisen, giddy with the prospects of breaking up Canada anew. Even the bug eyed socialist Broadbent (cripes – wasn’t he dead??) was brought back to life, bizarrely singing ‘Happy days are here again’ to the camera as the TSX plunged 864 points on Dec.1, 2008. That would be a glory day indeed for a lefty. They’ll do anything to grasp for
Doesn't Broadbent look like an escapee from One flew over the Cuckoo's Nest? And check out Taliban Jack-Squat's smug, shifty mug.

We know now that Taliban Jack-Squat has been cooking this plot with Duceppe for a long time. They didn’t give a damn since 2006 on a number of key parliamentary votes; but now they want us to believe that this is all due to the proposal that their election welfare cheques be cancelled? Forget about all the previous votes that Dion and his new buddies let pass – they now manufacture a constitutional crisis over a $1.95/vote subsidy?! Let political parties raise their own campaign funds from their own supporters. Now Layton the drama-queen is whining "He's put a lock on the door of the House of Commons" meanwhile, Jack-Squat forgets to mention he gave Harper the key. The opposition wasn’t going to give Harper a chance, no matter what they now pretend to say. Harper was correct when he indicated that the reason for the last election was because Parliament was fractured: now we clearly see what he meant.

Governor General Jean's decision on Dec.4, 2008, agreeing to Harper's request to prorogue Canada's Parliament was the right one in this case. The government can continue - as they had planned - to prepare and present their budget in January. The Dionist coalition of the greedy can then decide to topple the government on a confidence vote - at which point, we should have another election, not a hand-over of power to this craven gang.

It’s astounding how Stephane Bumbledore Dion can suck some Canadians into seriously believing his delusions of power. Dion’s disastrous arc of failure has flamed in final grasping desperation as he clutches to any devious means to gain power.

He simply didn’t get the message that he - along with his plotting conspirators - LOST the election which we had just a month and a half ago.

Obviously, Bumbledore Dion, Canada’s top political comic-genius is still looking for his “do-over”. ("What…? You mean if I am Prime Minister, when?… now?... or a month and half later..??" -- see: Yes..."Prime Minister": Stephane Dion's comedy act - truly not worth the risk. ; see: Bumbledore Dion's "epic disaster".)

As if that wasn’t funny enough, then came Bumbledore’s botched video fiasco of Dec.3, 2008 – the thing was delivered late to the waiting national media, was shot in grainy format, was badly edited and framed, and was even shot out of focus! Perhaps the videographer was passing artistic comment on Bumbledore’s out-of-focus political aspirations?! The CBC National News on Dec.4 reported an upset Liberal MP Jim Karygiannis likening Bumbledore Dion’s fumbling to something out of the Gong Show!

Precious! Stephane Bumbledore Dion: not only a self-appointed Green Shift Saviour Of God's Environment, and Canada’s Fool on the Hill, but also Head Coalition Stooge, part Mad’s Alfred E. Neuman, part Being There’s Chauncey Gardner, part Peter Seller’s bumbling Inspector Clouseau, part Woody Allen’s Fielding Mellish from Bananas, and now part Gong Show performer.

Seriously, when is the Dump Dion movement going to start?

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