Monday, December 8, 2008

Bumbledore Dion, comedic conspirator of cuckoo-coup-coalition quits

above: National Post, Dec.3, 2008: Canada's Axis of Idiots, aka the three cobble-itionist conspirators, Jack Layton, Stephane Bumbledore Dion, and the separatist Duceppe. click on photo to enlarge.
Stephane Dion announced today that he will be resigning earlier than he had planned... fittingly, he couldn't even carry out his own resignation plans properly, let alone stop global warming/climate change!!!

Why, just last Monday, Dec.1, 2008, he was going to take over Canada by sleeping with his mortal separatist enemies (!); this Monday, Dec.8, 2008, Bumbledore's waving bye-bye to his theatre of the absurd.

The curtains are finally coming down on the cerebral political comedy stylings of Stephane Bumbledore Dion.
What a run: we were treated to some of the funniest, classically preposterous political manoeuvres ever attempted in Canadian history - what an act!

Dion leaves behind a dramatic legacy of two classic videos exemplifying his comic genius, demonstrating his superhuman ability to stay in sustained character to the nth degree:
his famous CTV 'if am prime' video is a legendary, convoluted comedic achievement, of epic proportions. So underplayed... so... believable... Bumbledore makes you, makes everyone, think he's really a Liberal Canadian political leader.
The subtlety is pure genius. Move over, Borat, move over Spinal Tap - Stephane Bumbledore Dion takes the cake when it comes to pushing the envelope of delusional docu-comedies.

And who can forget the inspired 'clarity' of Dion's other masterpiece of interpretational political-situation-comedy:
his unbelievable, out-of-focus Gzowski Hot-Air farce of a video will be a knee-slapper for years to come - it's so earnestly serious, yet at the same time, so utterly laughable, that the audience is left wondering how this Dionist circus act they see unfolding before them can possibly be real. (This video can't be blamed on CTV this time! It was ALL a Liberal production - the whole laughable deal.)

The comedy-verite was so complete, it took on multi-layers of meaning, and other parties became unwitting bit players in this fantastic long-con - newscasters were waiting for it, Cuckoo coalitionists were hoping to see their nutty professor leader charge ahead with coherent plans to wrestle the government of Canada away from the rightfully elected ... everyone was waiting with great anticipation to hear the Grand Utterances of the Dion - and they got a video that looked as if it had been made in a cave.

Only true inspired genius could have come up with and pulled off such bold political satire... Bravo, Sir. For two years, you mesmerized many gullible Canadians to fall for your act, your method of madness will be studied for years to come. Take a well-deserved break. Your understudies circling in the wings are poised to take your place in the spotlight, but to knowing Canadians, you will be our one true Bumbledore.

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