Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Geneva, N.Y. Then and Now: Goodbye to Patti's Diner

"We'll miss you Patti", "good luck", and painted hearts expressing fond farewell were drawn on the windows of Patti's Lakeview Diner, near the shore of Seneca Lake in Geneva, New York.
Photo by R. Bobak, taken May 29, 2004.below: The early-1930's Bixby-built diner was located at 43 Lake St., on the north side, between Route 20 (Lakefront Dr.) and Route 14 (Exchange St.) Note the old gas station in the distance. Taken May 29, 2004 by R. Bobak

above: Patti's Lakeview Diner once stood where the car is parked in the distance. A hotel now occupies the site. View looks west from the former gas station. Taken by R. Bobak Aug.17, 2008.
above: View looking north-west across Route 20 and railroad tracks, May 29, 2004.
below: Looking east towards Route 20 on Aug.17, 2008. Railroad crossing is in the background. The diner (as seen in the next below photo) once stood where the new tree and drive now are, at the left of the photo.
above: same view as it was on May 29, 2004 - the canopy of the gas station can be seen, with the railroad tracks farther back, and beautiful Seneca Lake in the distance. It's the largest of the Finger Lakes, over 600 feet deep, with great trout fishing.
above: Diner stools forlornly wait for customers, on May 29, 2004. This lost diner had been a great place to stop on the way down scenic Rte. 14 to Watkins Glen at the south end of Seneca Lake, and on to Williamsport on the Susquehanna River.

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