Saturday, December 13, 2008

Beamsville Then and Now: old farmhouse bites the dust

The old farmhouse that had stood on the south-east corner of Ontario St. and the South Service Rd. of the QEW in Beamsville was demolished on Dec.3, 2008. above: Looking s/e at the farmhouse from across Ontario St. on Sept.2, 2008. Note the "Lincoln County Fair" sign to the left. Photo Series taken by R. Bobak.
above: demolition underway on Dec.3, 2008. Note new "Welcome to Lincoln" sign at the left.
above: Dec.9, 2008: farmhouse is now gone; the lot is vacant.

above: Dec.3, 2008, view looking south at the farmhouse from the S.Service Rd.
above: same view on Dec.9, 2008. Ontario St. is at the right.
above: Dec.3, 2008, after the chimney has been knocked down.
above: Dec.9, 2008, only the trees, which once protected the south side of the farmhouse from the sun, still remain.
above: Dec.3, 2008
above: same view, Dec.9, 2008
above: Dec.3, 2008
above: same view of where the farmhouse once stood, on a slick, dreary Dec.9, 2008.

Videos show the powerfully hungry jaws of the tyranosaurus-wrecks; the farmhouse was demolished in a matter of hours.

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