Friday, December 19, 2008

Snow-mageddon predicted

Snow and ice storms are being predicted today in Niagara, with a possible 50 cms accumulation of snow in the next five days. Hey, it’s December: nothing unusual about that.

Yet a story in the St. Catharines Standard, Dec.18, 2008, was headed: “ ‘Snow-mageddon’ predicted.”

Snow-mageddon?? What? Hey, where’s the global warming, man? Has it been put on ice till spring?!

Has anyone told Al ‘the-freakin’-earth-is-burning-to-hell’ Gore of the colossal disastrous doomsday devastation of the impending SNOW-MAGEDDON ??!

Thousands of east-coast Americans suffered through a major recent ice storm - were any of these people Al Gore fans, who believed that winter was now obsolete, and that palm trees will start sprouting in New Hampshire? Did Al convince them that only sandals, not insulated boots, would be needed in the Great Democratic Tomorrow? Sheesh.

Years of Al Gore spewing his hysterical man-made climate-change/global-warming hot-air apparently wasn’t enough to prevent this week’s snowfall in Las Vegas! I’m sure, though, that assorted kyodiots, climatalarmists, and green bolsheviks will find a way to spin this as a ‘weather extreme’ allegory which proves Al Gore’s inherent genius.

Can’t wait for Gore to become the official Obama Climate Czar. Maybe Suzuki, Bumbledore Stephane 'the Green Shift disaster' Dion, and Gwynne Dyer, can become State of the Climate advisors as well. We need all the hot air "stimulus" we can get.

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