Thursday, October 16, 2008

Bumbledore Dion's "epic disaster".

The “epic disaster” (as outlined in “Dion finished as party leader: Grit insiders”, CTV story, Oct.15, 2008) of Stephane Bumbledore Dion’s Liberal campaign unfolded predictably on election day, Oct.14, 2008, with the Liberals not only losing their second federal campaign in a row, but also losing their seat count, while the other parties increased theirs.

The Liberals dropped from 96 seats at dissolution of Parliament to 76 seats. Well done…like toast. (In comparison, Stephen Harper's Conservatives won 143 seats.)

Dion, the ever-bumbling, unintentional comedian, said, after his party’s loss, that "Canadians asked me to be the opposition leader and I accept this responsibility with honour."

But - Canadians DID NOT ask you to be opposition leader, Stephane: they “asked” you NOT TO BE PRIME MINISTER! (or were you actually running for the opposition leadership all along?! - which would then explain your ridiculously inept 'green shift' fiasco of a campaign!)

The default of the election was that YOU LOST – and became the opposition leader!

Maybe the Liberal egalitarian Dion still feels he is entitled to a “do over” (or three, as he asked CTV!!) - even after the election?! (see: Yes..."Prime Minister": Stephane Dion's comedy act - truly not worth the risk.

Laughably, the hapless Dion got into a hissy fit with another CTV camera crew which tried to interview him; this was on the heels of Bumbledore Dion’s now-famous earlier botched interview with CTV reporter Steve Murphy. (If this was an ‘election about nothing’, then Dion is the Cosmo Kramer of Canadian politics.)

The St. Catharines Standard (Oct.15, 2008) reported: “A frustrated Dion snapped at the reporter, telling him CTV is the last media outlet he would speak to. “The last one I want to speak first (to) is CTV – you understand that?” he said angrily.”

Understand? Barely.

It's hard to understand why this guy is still relevant anymore. Why are the Liberals still putting up with him and his green shaft disaster? It’s obvious that this guy has comedic potential – he’s in the wrong business!

Dion’s claim after this election loss that he was “asked” to be opposition leader is an echo of the same claims made by Liberal interim leader Bill Graham, after the Liberals lost to Stephen Harper in 2006: see: Stephane "Bumbledore" Dion's synthetic sincerity.

It’s refreshing to see that Liberal Garth Poop-O-Gram Turner also lost his seat, (see: Bumbledore Dion's Amazing Liberal POOP-O-GRAMS) and that Liberal stalwart, fifteen-year veteran John Maloney, was also deservedly defeated in Welland riding.

On CTV news Oct.15, we also saw the posturing socialist windbag - and deluded 'prime minister in waiting' - Jack Layton, smugly lecturing reporters with his message that ‘more people voted against Harper than voted for him’. Heh! But doesn’t Brother Layton, the giant talking forehead, also realize that, by the same token, more people voted AGAINST Layton than voted for Layton? And, that more people voted for Harper than for Layton?

So, who'll be the next leader of the almost-broke Liberals...Egg-head Iggy?...Rae-day Bob?...Manley?...the spaceman?...the goalie guy?...the Trudeau kid?...the Tobinator?

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