Friday, October 3, 2008

When will Stephane Dion announce his resignation?

Bye-Bye Bumbledore!

The Oct.2, 2008 televised (English) election 'debate' format on Global TV this year left much to be desired. Moderator Steve Paikin, otherwise quite capable, many times just lost control of the bickering and sniping opposition leaders around the table as they mostly ganged up on Prime Minister Stephen Harper for two hours. There was little 'debate' in this format - it was more a televised swarming. Though Paikin tried to retain order, he was often ignored on many occasions by candidates who simply butted in while the PM, or others, were still speaking.

Of course, Harper handled them all well, but it was disconcerting to try to understand anything when suddenly four people, waving their arms and pointing their fingers, begin bickering and interrupting, each one louder than the other, while the first person was still talking.

After Bumbledore Dion's performance in this candidates' "debate", the only question now is whether Stephane will follow Paul Martin's 2006 example and mercifully announce his own resignation as Liberal leader right after the election polls close on Oct.14. (After all, Iggy's ambitions loom large, chomping at the bit from behind, having helplessly watched Dion's two years of bumbling, fumbling and empty rhetoric.) It's time to cancel Dion's political sit-com.

It's now plain that Dion as Liberal leader was just a token Grit figurehead (thanks Gerrard Kennedy!); an interim party care-taker; a seat-warmer; a politically hapless blend, sort of part Chauncey Gardener/part Inspector Clouseau; a warm-up side-show act to keep the audience entertained before the main act.

Thanks for the laughs, Bumbledore; to help pay off your campaign debts, you could still earn a good living on the comedy channel, reprising your parody of an earnest, but misunderstood shifty green liberal poltician to appreciative audiences looking for good satirical laughs.

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