Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Niagara Falls Then and Now: Fallsview Plaza construction (part 2)

Above: The rear (west side) of the Niagara Falls Fallsview Hotel (Ontario, Canada) with its surface parking lot in the foreground; view is looking south-east from Stanley Ave, Apr.9, 2008.
*Photo series by R. Bobak (click on photos to enlarge!)
above: same view, Aug.26, 2008; as an underground parking structure is being built.
above: same view on Oct.20, 2008: the parking structure has reached back up to ground level.
below: Fallsview Hotel parking lot as seen Apr.9, 2008. View is looking south; Stanley Ave. is along the right side of photo; the fencing at the far end of the paved lot faces Dixon St. The city sidewalk and one lane of road along Stanley Ave., which can be seen at the right, were fenced off during the excavation. The excavation went right up past the grass strip to the lamp posts on the curb, yet the curb and the lamp posts remained at the edge of the steep slope untouched for the duration of the excavation, as seen in the following photos.
above: same view; the excavation is underway, as seen May 13, 2008.
above: May 26, 2008; the tiered-excavation deepens; forms have been placed along the Stanley Ave. side for concrete walls.
above: Jun.6, 2008. Concrete walls already poured along Stanley Ave., more forms are in place along the north side of the excavation. Note lamp posts remaining at edge of slope.
above: July 29, 08, the outside trench is slowly back filled. Inner tier of structure under way.
above: Aug18, 08
above: Aug.25, 08
above: Sept.2, 08
above: Sept.4, 08
above: Sept.11, 2008
above: Sept.30, 08
above: Oct.9, 08
above: Oct.17, 08
above: Nov.18, 2008, the trench has been backfilled, and construction vehicles can now drive from the road right onto the new deck.

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