Thursday, October 23, 2008

Liberals cut nurse funding; break another health-care promise

So the Liberal liar Dalton McGuinty is now cutting some fifty million dollars in funding for new nurses. Remember, this was the same sanctimonious McGuinty who during the election (just one year ago) was bragging and promising that he would be ‘hiring another 9,000 nurses’ - but he didn’t even hire the 8,000 nurses which he had promised in his first term, and now we see the Liberal Healthcare Duplicity starting all over again. Liberals are also "delaying" 50 proposed family health teams, to "save" another 3 million dollars.

McGuinty says this will ‘save money’ - but he neglects to mention how much harm his Liberal health-care cuts will cause to patients who have no other choice but to be forced to wait longer for treatment in his Liberal government–run health monopoly. What a scam this McGuinty is running.

Where did the billions of Liberal Health Tax dollars go – wasn’t nurse funding supposed to be included in that?? Why isn’t the Health Tax specifically allocated solely to health? Or were McGuinty’s Liberals just using the Greg Sorbara Health Tax as 'extra' revenue to coast on over the last few years?

Of course last year during the election, McGuinty was warned - and chose to ignore - that the economy was faltering: he kept on making his outrageous election spending promises nevertheless. As McGuinty continues to whine about his equalization payments, he gave away over a billion of 'no strings attached' infrastructure money to cities several months ago: now he’s forecasting a deficit! McGuinty’s Liberals have not dropped the rate on their high provincial sales tax, nor on their corporate tax.

The Ontario manufacturing sector has crashed under five years of McGuinty Liberalism. Ontario health care will also suffer due to McGuinty's ideological health-care monopolism.

McGuinty and his Liberal government should cut their ideology, not health-care.

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