Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Niagara Falls Then and Now: Falls Mist Motel falls for a Tim Horton's

The old Falls Mist Motel (a U-shaped building sporting an outdoor pool in the centre of its parking lot, merely a "stroll to the Falls" as their old sign below said) on the north-west corner of Stanley Ave. and Murray St., was torn down in the summer of 2008, to be replaced by another Tim Horton's chain coffee outlet.
There just aren't enough Timmy's built yet, I say.
But at least from the front of this one, looking straight down Murray St., you will actually be able to see a bit of the American Falls, as well as the upper Niagara River.
Photo Series taken by R. Bobak. (click on photos to enlarge)
above: Aug.5, 2008. Looking east along Murray St., towards Stanley Ave, the Falls Mist Motel is under demolition. The Skylon Tower is in the background.
above: View of motel from across Murray St., July 29, 2008.
above: Same view on Aug.11, 2008. Only a partial wall of the motel's ground floor remains.
above: July 29, 2008. You could relax by the pool as cars backed up around you! above: Same view on Aug.20, 2008: The pool was located by the mound of earth, which is now in front of the new building, whose foundation walls can be seen at the left.above: same view, Nov.3, 2008: the pool used to be just left of the crane truck being used to install new sign. above: July 29, 2008, the Falls Mist Motel as seen looking west across Stanley Ave (Murray St. is on the left)
above: Same view on Aug.11, 2008: the Falls Mist Motel is demolished.
above: July 29, 2008 closer view at the NW corner of Stanley Ave. and Murray St.
above: same view on Aug.11, 2008 - motel has been knocked down.
above: July 29, 2008. View of motel site looking east along Murray St. Note mature tree in front.
above: Same view on Aug.11, 2008. Motel is gone.
above: Aug.20, 2008. Same view - note now the tree has also been cut down. above: Aug.20, 2008. The forms are in place for the new building's foundation.
above: Aug.25, 2008. Concrete walls have been poured.
above: Aug.26, 2008. Gravel fill delivered inside foundation walls.
above: Aug.28, 2008. Gravel being compacted.
above: Sept.2, 2008. Trenches cut for pipes.
above: Sept.4, 2008. Pipes installed.
above: Sept.8, 2008. Structural steel installed. Gravel laid on exterior grade.
above: Sept.11, 2008. Roof trusses installed.
above: Sept.17, 2008. Roof sheathed, wall framing in progress.
above: Sept.22, 2008. Inside concrete floor has been poured, insulation underway.
above: Sept.24, 2008. Glazing and doors installed, vapour barrier being installed, upper canopy facade framed.
above: Oct.2, 2008. Canopy ready for stucco application. Brick piles ready for installation.
above: Oct.17, 2008. Stucco and brick being installed. above: Oct.22, 08. Concrete curbs installed.
below: The new Timmy's street sign arrives ready for installation, Nov.3, 2008above: Nov.3, 2008. Logo installed on canopy. Equipment and supplies arriving. Lot is paved.
above: Nov.13, 2008. Grass has been placed. Street sign is now installed and glowing in the misty Falls night. Soon will we raise a cup of java in warm memory of the good times at the old Falls Mist Motel.
below: The store opened for business on Nov.15, 2008. Another Timmy's clone is born!

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I like your dedication of getting the photos over the course of 4 months.