Thursday, October 9, 2008

Yes..."Prime Minister": Stephane Dion's comedy act - truly not worth the risk.

"If you were prime minister" Stephane Dion was asked over and over in this CTV Steve Murphy interview, and Dion hadn't the faintest clue what he was talking about, or what he had been asked...three times.

Bumbledore Dion's comedy career in television is ascending! It doesn't get any funnier (sadly) than this video, or see it here:

Now THIS is leadership, isn't it?! Dion is like the Liberal's Alfred E. Neuman: What, me - worry?
Really, it is like watching Dion simultaneously channel both Chauncey Gardener and Inspector Clouseau. (see: When will Stephane Dion announce his resignation?)

What a performance from Dion! Bravo! A tour-de-force of ineptness at its zenith! And this is the Liberal vying to lead Canada? OMGaia!

How many re-dos will it actually take before we see that this Liberal GreenFear-monger is not ready for prime time?

Three strikes and you're out is alright for baseball players, but a leader of a country doesn't have the privilege and the luxury to simply go back and ask for re-takes because he messed if it were that easy.

The tag-line of a long-running Conservative ad has truly been crystallized by Dion when one sees the hapless, struggling Bumbledore in all his lost, bumbling, deer-in-the-headlights glory: Stephane Dion - NOT WORTH THE RISK.

How true, how true.

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