Sunday, March 8, 2009

Niagara Falls Then and Now: Fallsview Plaza construction (part 3)

above: Nov.2, 2009. Note that the Konica Minolta Tower at the far right is seen with two different paint jobs: the left (east) side of the tower still its older beige/bronze look; to the right (west) is the latest black/white colour scheme, with the vertical separations between the windows now more prominent in white, whereas before, being beige, they were lost. (Compare the tower's look, for example, to the Sept.20 or Jul.17, 2009 shots further below: the older paint scheme seemed to emphasize a more boring, horizontal look; the new bold vertical lines go back to the tower's original 1960's look.) above: Oct.13, 2009 - the walkway connection is covered and being stuccoed; work underway below on a new entrance canopy
above: Sept.25, 2009, windows being installed, another stucco coat applied, with routed lines visible on wall.
above: Sept.22, 2009
above: Sept.20, 2009; facade skim coat, walls routed for pattern
above: Sept.3, 2009; at left, structural steel installed for new walkway connection.
above: Aug.11, 2009, top coat of asphalt laid on concrete surface over the underground parking garage.
above: Aug.6, 2009, insulation continues; at left, preparations being made for a new walkway to connect the pool to the hotel building.
above: Jul.29, 2009 - insulation installed on framed walls. The second floor will have a pool. above: Jul.17, 2009 - steel wall framing continues on rear wall. Note along the bottom of photo the driveway between the Fallsview and the Hilton construction sites has now been freshly paved. The surface of the newly-built underground garage is still concrete.
above: Jul.16, 2009 - steel stud wall framing being installed on left side wall.
above: Jun.15, 2009, metal roof sheets being installed over trusses.
above: Jun.11, 2009, by the next day, the roof trusses have been placed on the beams
above: Jun.10, 2009, steel beams are being craned into position
above: Jun.8, 2009, upper columns poured
above: May 22, 2009; second-storey column re-bar in place.
above: Apr.29, 2009 above: Apr.14, 2009
above: Mar.27, 2009
above: Mar.17, 09above: Mar.16, 2009above: Mar.12, 2009 - scaffolds appear again above: Mar.3, 2009
above: Feb.26, 2009 - rebar columns set up
above: Jan.12, 2009 conrcete poured in forms at right
above: Jan.5, 2009
above: Jan.2, 2009, scaffolds taken down
above: Dec.22, 2008
above: Dec.8, 2008
above: Nov.20, 2008, scaffolds being set up
All above photos in this study are by R. Bobak.
For earlier photos of this Fallsview hotel project, see:

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