Sunday, March 8, 2009

Liberal health-care promises more nursing cuts

above: "1,000 jobs gone: nurse's union", story by Jonathan Jenkins (St. Catharines Standard, Mar.6, 2009) . Click photo to enlarge.

Local Liberal weasel, St. Catharines MPP, and health-care monopolist, Jim Bradley, has never answered questions as to whether these supposed "10,000" nurses were ever hired; let alone specifically explain how we can independently monitor that another "9,000 more" (!!!!) nurses will be ever hired by the lying McGuintyite Liberals in Ontario.

Liberal health minister David Caplan asks ONA president Linda Haslam-Stroud to 'provide data'; yet, what data has Caplan provided, besides typical Liberal "just trust us" rhetoric and unverifiable claims?? Health-care monopolist Jim Bradley hides from scrutiny when he is asked to answer for his Liberal government's health care cuts, consolidations and mismanagement.

Why, there are NO LOCAL stories AT ALL concerning Jim Bradley's two-faced Liberal Healthcare Duplicity.

Jim Bradley supports a state-run health care monopoly which purposefully underfunds its own health-care system; a system which is forced to run deficits, because it is forced by Liberal law to rely solely on the whims of Bradley's ideologues for its funding allotments.

Liberals are balancing their budget by cutting services, staff, and longrange planning, "on the backs of patients" as Haslam Stroud says; but Dalton McGuinty's Liberals are billions in debt, no example of pious fiscal management themselves. They are taking billions from Ontario taxpayers with their ongoing 2004-Health Care Tax, yet are cutting health care budgets and services. (And let's remember this template and mode of operation was already underway for several years, under the previous disaster of a Liberal health minister, George Smitherman (who is now cocking-up Ontario's energy system), prior to the economic downturn of late 2008.)

The McGuinty Liberals have also cut 50 million dollars from nurse funding . . .

(see: Liberals cut nurse funding; break another health-care promise;
see: McGuinty Liberal hypocrites again cut health-care: MPP Jim Bradley vanishes into a Cone Of Silence;
see: Niagara should opt of OHIP, declare a medicare-monopoly-free zone )

. . . and now say that hiring their ficticious "9,000 more" nurses will be 'pushed back' - yeah, pushed back to when, to, oh, about three months prior to the next election, so the Liberals can re-announce their stale, deceptive intentions once again?!! So that earnest Liberals can show us 'How they care' and 'How much they're doing for us', by re-hashing B.S.-laden promises which they never intended to keep?!!

The pattern of bold deception peddled by this Liberal gang of duplicitous ideologues is staggering, and sadly, predictable.

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