Thursday, March 5, 2009

Hooters Barred in Niagara Falls

Below: taken Mar.5, 2009 -"Hooters is closed" reads a sign in front of the restaurant, which was located on the west side of Stanley Ave., just south of Murray St. (yes. . . 'it's tits up for hooters'. . . .ok, someone had to say it!)
above: Mar.5, 2009 - the distinctive blue pyramid building housing Hooter's, and the round structure behind it, the Niagara Freefall attraction.
above: dated Mar.5, 2009, this landlord's 'change of locks' notice is pasted to the Hooter's front window. Though this is a very busy street, it's not good to see local businesses struggling. Note reflection of the Skylon Tower on the glass. Click on photos to enlarge!

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