Monday, June 23, 2008

How to promote Bumbledore Dion's Bull-Shift tax on CFRB

I had the unfortunate experience of listening to a snippet of the John Moore radio show today, June 23, 2008. I enjoy listening to Toronto's CFRB 1010 AM newscasts, but found Moore a Liberal-bootlicking boor in the past, so I have tuned out Moore from my drive-home schedule. (Note to advertisers: there are so many other, better stations around at that time slot!)

So I tuned in for the news just a minute or two before 5 pm, and found the loathsome Moore was still on. Oh well, a minute or so of his drabble won't hurt and then the news’ll be on, I thought. Seems like Moore’s topic at the time was Stephane Bumbledore Dion’s Liberal Bull-Shift Green-Scam tax, which Moore, not surprisingly, was trumpeting as the best thing since sliced bread. Anyway, some caller was on, who was apparently not in agreement with Moore, and suddenly Moore simply yells at the caller, inexplicably, saying that’s it, you’re cut off, and dumps the caller!!

Anyone else hear this strange occurrence just before the five o’clock CFRB news cast, where The Great Libertarian of the Airwaves arbitrarily censored a caller he disagreed with? Moore then said something about that this caller had said this same thing before, but Moore wasn’t clear why this should be of relevance to us listeners. The caller was not swearing or anything, he was just talking about this Liberal Horse-Shift tax-increase plan.

The 5:00 news came and went, and then before I had a chance to switch away from CFRB, Moore was back. Moore then explained that he dumped that caller because, according to Moore, this caller had seemingly written down his talking points (what a crime!), and then explained that this caller had been on earlier during the Michael Coren/Stephen LeDrew “Bald Guys” CFRB show, where he had said the same thing. Wha..?

According to Moore, because a caller says something on one CFRB show, then says it again, by legitimately calling another host, being screened, and waiting in the call line-up like everyone else - that is grounds for censoring! What a lame excuse to dump a caller who didn’t fawn over Moore’s seeming fondness for taxes and Liberals.

I’m sure Moore never re-hashes stale Liberal propaganda! Moore never re-hashes topics from previous host's shows!

The thing that CFRB must realize, is that listeners who tuned in have no idea whether Moore was right in what he told us, or in what he did.

I just happened to tune into Moore's censorship act, and I suppose I just have to take Moore’s word that this caller said the same thing twice. Maybe he did … BUT SO WHAT ??!

I DIDN'T HEAR IT earlier – so to me, that WAS the first time. And John Moore smugly censored this caller, who I would’ve liked to hear, by cutting him off.

Anyway, for me, this is yet another reason why the John Moore show on CFRB isn’t worth listening to.

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