Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Bumbledore Dion shafted by his own greenness

‏Poor Stephane 'Bumbledore' Dion, the Clouseau of Canadian politics, Canada's own Kramer, keeps stumbling and fumbling from one disaster to the next.

Dion just released, as he calls it, his "Green Shift" tax-increase plan, intended to gouge (screw!) all Canadians everywhere.

But now the Liberals are being told by an Ontario company - which has had that name since 2001 - to stop using their legitimate name for Dion’s tax-grab manifesto.

So now, Dion will have to call it something else … hey – why not just call it KYOTO II, which is what it was in the first place?! Or, Dion can send Iggy and Rae some magic markers and let them blot out the “F”, thereby revealing a more honest Liberal title: the "Green Shit Tax". No? What about Horse-Shift? Bull-Shift? Green Shaft Tax? Gouge and Shift Tax? Gouged and Green Tax?
Shaft'N'Gouge Tax?

Sigh – these Bumbledorian Grits are too sad to even be funny anymore, with their ridiculous predicaments and pathetic kyodiot policies.

Well, the bright side is that Bumbledore now has another new top priority to add to his burgeoning list of previous top priorities – how to rename an old bag of crap so it doesn’t look, sound, feel, and smell, like an older bag of crap.

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