Friday, May 2, 2008

Stealth MPP Jim Bradley's cloaking device - it's not science fiction anymore!

R. Bobak wrote in “If only CanGro was a cricket club…”, (St. Catharines Standard, May 2, 2008):

Re: How the deal went sour, The Standard, April 26.

I was hoping to read, in The Standard's report on the CanGro fiasco, local MPP Jim Bradley's explanation as to why his Liberal government decided, as fruit farmers Bill and Kim Duffin said, to walk away from helping them save the plant.

Many people in Bradley's St. Catharines riding work there, so presumably he would have thoroughly explained how hard he worked to get a deal done on behalf of his constituents.

No such luck. Neither did we get anything from Liberal Economic Development and Trade Minister Sandra Pupatello, who disappeared - ironically - to China on a trade mission.

I hope Pupatello returned with some great trade deals on Chinese fruit imports!

If political ineffectiveness was an Olympic team sport, Bradley's Liberals would be gold-medal champions. Dalton McGuinty's new Liberal theme-song should be an off-key rendition of "Good things used to grow, in On-ta-ri-o . . . "

If only CanGro had been a cricket club, the Liberals already would have gladly handed over a million or two - and that's with no questions asked.”

It looks like the Liberal team sport also includes relay-type pass-the-hot-file contests, where if you ask one MPP about an issue, he’ll pass it onto another, but the question never really gets answered.

Jim Bradley has vanished when it comes time to explain how his Liberal’s grandiose greenbelt legislation contributed to the loss of the CanGro fruit cannery and its 150 jobs. What, just because CanGro is in Kim Craitor’s riding next door, Bradley is suddenly bereft of having anything of substance to say to HIS OWN constituents??!! (see Good things USED to grow, in On - ta - ri - o! )

Bradley has left it to Craitor to fumble around with the questions surrounding the Niagara Health System’s “review of reviews” yet, the mortality-rate in the St. Catharines hospital (third highest in Canada, according to a Nov.2007 CIHI study) - which is in Bradley’s backyard - remains unexplained. (see Jim "Crackpot" Bradley's Liberal realism)

As I outlined in Jim Bradley's Smoggy-Bottom Grits , Bradley, in opposition, would even travel outside of the country to politically agitate against the sitting government, if he thought he could score some brownie points.

Now, Bradley is MIA, missing in action, regardless of whether an issue pertains solely to his own riding, or is more general in scope (which is more often the case, anyway).

We’ve heard more of Bradley’s promises and bluster about Go/trains/buses while he was in opposition, than when he was in government. (See: Go Train to Niagara runs into Liberal fog)

We’ve heard from Bradley about how supposedly-divisive and destructive publicly-funded faith-based schools are, while an extremely successful one sits in his own riding. (See: Jim Bradley's faith-based two-face)

We've heard Bradley bleat about controlling gas prices, when prices were half of what they are today, yet now, Bradley - the Transportation Minister (!) - has nothing to say about that! (Liberal Jim Bradley's deception on gasoline prices)

We’ve heard that the Niagara Health System had to cancel 190 surgeries recently, yet we heard nothing from Bradley as Ontarians are forced to travel to the U.S. for treatment. (See: Sadistic Liberal health-care in Ontario)

Bradley has been sitting as a St. Catharines MPP for thirty years, and was on city council even before that; now we hear that St. Catharines is being blamed by Bradley’s MTO for delaying a local QEW-emergency traffic plan? What’s Bradley been doing about that for three decades? Jim Bradley has become a smug and arrogant member of an unresponsive Liberal government! He's the vaporous, elusive, stealth MPP - we know he's hovering nearby, yet he's hidden and untouchable!

On so many issues, Liberal Jim Bradley’s silence is becoming glaringly conspicuous.

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