Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Niagara Falls, then and now: 60's-style Terrace Court motel on Lundy's Lane

Below: Corner of Lundy's Lane and Byng Ave., Dec.12, 2007: the Terrace Court motel at 6585 Lundy's Lane, and an older house next to it, are fenced off for demolition. Series of photos taken by R. Bobak (click on photos to enlarge!) Above: same view, Jan.7, 2008: the structures have been demolished.
Below: Site is prepared for new building, Feb.6, 2008. Note the very tall pine tree seen above, which stood closer to the road, is now gone.

Above: same view, Feb.22, 2008. Structural steel is up.
Below: Mar.31, 2008, wall framing and insulation cladding underway.

Above: Apr.29, 2008.
Below: May 1, 2008.

Above: May 5, 2008
Below: May 13, 2008 The Shoppers Drug Mart colours are on the building.

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