Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Niagara then and now: CN steam locomotive 6218 rests in Fort Erie Railroad Museum

These are photos of 6218 taken May 13, 2008, by R. Bobak.
[See also: Right In Niagara: Niagara Then and Now: Fort Erie is the end of the line for CN steam locomotive #6218](click on photos to enlarge!)

Above: closeup of the coal-tender hopper, as seen from the back of the cab. The augur (which can still be seen, down in the centre of the shot) pulled coal, through the cast unit seen below, into 6218's firebox.

In 6218's locomotive cab can be seen all the valves and gauges and levers and pulleys and pipes that were needed to operate her engine.
Above: looking at the left side of 6218's cab. Below: looking at the right side of 6218's cab.

A small window at the front of the cab across from each seat is the only view that looks forward - and much of that is, of course, blocked by the boiler!


Templar said...

The people of Niagara should be prodding the Town of Fort Erie & the people responsible for the care of this train to maintain it. It is hypocritical the way the 6218 is used in promoting the area but has been allowed to sit exposed to the elements rusting away without any maintenance in 25 years. Anyone who cares about this important part of Canada's history should be contacting the Town of Fort Erie & telling them to preserve this treasure they like to exploit so much.

meduffer said...

Agreed. When I was a kid my family, along with thousands of other families, rode behind this locomotive on excursions. Fort Erie should take a page from Toronto's experience with 6218's sister 6213. Take good care of her and she'll be around for generations. People will appreciate it.

james said...

As a "spare board" Hostler while attending college in the late 60's I serviced 6218 and had the priviledge of driving her briefly.

Like most park engines she has deteriorated. but a bit of TLC and paint can do wonders, but go easy on the chinese red inside the cab. Go visit St. Thomas and see what they have done with 5703.