Monday, May 12, 2008

Niagara Falls, then and now: old downtown on Erie Ave.

(click on photos to enlarge!)
Below: East side of Erie Ave, between Bridge St and Park St., taken Oct. 1973 (NFLA). Note the billboards attached to the building (at the left side) which faced the railway station and the back of the Hotel Trennick.
Above: same view, May 12, 2008. by R. Bobak. Note the billboards at the side were removed at some point revealing underneath an old hand-painted-on-brick advertising mural reading "Coca Cola 7 c", as seen more clearly below.
Below: The all-nite Annex Cafe, Jan.17, 1935, (NFLA), was located on the south side of Bridge St., east of Erie Ave, directly across the street from the railway station. The Hotel Trennick's windows and chimney can be seen at the right side of photo.

Above: same view, May 12, 2008 by R. Bobak. The lot where the Annex Cafe stood is now vacant. The windows and chimney of the Trennick, as seen in the earlier photo, can be clearly seen here.

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