Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Springtime for the Globe and Mail

above: letter to the editor, Globe and Mail, Jan.26, 2009
Was Neil Redding being facetious when he wrote in his Jan.26, 2009 letter to the Globe and Mail editor ("In and out of context"): "I hope that, in future, The Globe will identify all individuals who are Jewish, so we can read their comments in the proper context”?

I applaud Redding for finally making clear that the solution to weeding out those troublesome individuals with ulterior motives is to identify them as Jews. Naturally, it goes without saying that the Globe’s new standard should target only suspected Jews, and of course, no one else.

Why, not only should the Globe and Mail demand that all contributors and reporters provide documentation of nationality and religion, but also proof of their sexual orientation, a list of their favourite songs and of the books they have read, and whether they prefer to shop at Loblaws or Price Chopper.

After contextualizing all this information and diligently performing virus-scans on the opinions of suspected Jewish writers, the Globe and Mail can then appropriately warn its unsuspecting readers of any unsettling and improper Jewish content.

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