Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Niagara Falls Then and Now: HOCO Quality Inn motel demolition behind the Sky Wheel

The sprawling 250-room low-rise Quality Inn, built in the 1950's, on the hill overlooking Victoria Park is almost demolished, to make room for an expansion of the HOCO midway attraction, including the (rumoured) construction of roller coasters and a high rise hotel tower. Photos by R. Bobak taken Jan.7, 2009.
The footings show the outline where the recently-demolished motel wings had stood, overlooking Victoria Park and the Falls.

above: views from rear of property looking northwards towards Clifton Hill, as the old motel is being demolished. Victoria Park is downhill to the right (east). Click photos to enlarge!

Above: view of the east side of the old Quality Inn being demolished, as seen looking up from Victoria Park.

below: You'd think that the designers of the Sky Wheel canopy would remember that, despite Al Gore's hot air, it still gets cold up here; and that a smooth surface roof canopy (example of form over function?) doesn't hold snow well...

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