Saturday, April 4, 2009

Why doesn't Mayor McMullan flick off...

...the lights in above: sign in Montebello Park; the bandstand is at the right, ca.1910. (click photos to enlarge)
above: the same view as in the previous picture, on a snowy Apr.7, 2009
below: the same view, earlier, on Apr.3, 2009 - Why doesn't Mayor McMullan flick off the lights during the daytime in Montebello Park?
Above: looking at the fake "Thaw Fest" film set. Thawfest, what's that? The Al Gore crowd wouldn't attend any event that suggests 'thawing', would they, as that implies that it had been cold...but again, it also celebrates global warming,, everyone's welcome! Yeah, that's fake snow on the green grass. If they'd waited a few more days, the film crew would have had real snow in April . (see earlier above)...darn global warming...
above: Apr.3, 2009, all the lights in the park were on in the day.
below: Apr.3, 2009, the American flag is on the bandshell.
Funny how green-pandering hypocrite city politicians who spout enviro-crap policies can't figure out how to shut the FLICKING (as McGuinty Liberals would say) lights off during the day in their own downtown park.

Why isn't this high-cost, wasted energy being metered through a 'smart meter', and being deducted from the salaries of the mayor and his council?

Has our hypocrite green mayor calculated the carbon footprint of his own ineptitude?

As usual in St. Catharines: the lights are on, but nobody's home. (see also: Liberal energy policy: Lights are on, no-one's home )

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